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Faster updating of MCP / deobfuscation


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Hi all


Over the past month I've noticed that the biggest thing holding up progress on the change to 1.7.2 seems to be the deobfuscation of the names.  The folks at MCP are obviously very busy, but it seems to me that they've done the hard work already weeks ago, i.e. decompiling the source and making it compile.  The deobfuscation is the easy part, it's something that the hundreds of us out here could do in a couple of days.


So the idea is basically - can we somehow use the gradle setup to apply deobfuscation that we have supplied ourselves (instead of needing an official MCP release)?  in a text file, or from a minecraft forum web database, or whatever? 

Perhaps this looks something like -

(1) the cached forge and minecraft source all use searge names;

(2) at the start of a session, the deobfuscation "patch" is updated (from wherever) and creates a deobfuscated copy of the cached forge and minecraft sources

(3) ideally, there is some sort of mechanism so that user source code can use either searge or deobfuscated names without conflict - so that when the names are updated, the user source code doesn't break.


Even the ability to create a deobfuscation patch for my own use would be nice, rather than having to use the searge names even though I know what the deobfuscated name is.


I know next to nothing about how the deobfuscation currently works, and not much more about gradle.  But it sounds "so simple", is there a good reason why this wouldn't work?  (Apart from needing a deobfuscation database separate from MCPbot, and some sort of quality control checking)



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We are working on it, however, it's going slow due to very low motivation/respect form the community -.-

Howerver, you can keep an eye on things on Abrar's Git, where it's being developed. https://github.com/AbrarSyed/Srg2Source

We need some testing and integration code written up. Once this is functional, we will have the MCP mappings snapshotted so that the end modder can pick what snapshot they want to mod against.


It'll happen, eventually, Hopefully it'll be officially rolled out in the 1.7.4 update and the RB, but I need to get on fluids as well..

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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