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1.7.2 - Trapdoor bug


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I can confirm this Problem was already there in 1.7.2- and it still persists in 1.7.2-!

It shows up the moment when Forge is running even when no other Mods installed or running.

Its not there when running Vanilla 1.7.2.


Made a few Screenshots in Vanilla to make it clear:

width=800 height=640http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f25/flatliner10/Minecraft/2014-01-31_203417_zps5bbbab81.png[/img]

width=800 height=640http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f25/flatliner10/Minecraft/2014-01-31_203502_zpsd70abb29.png[/img]

Screen 1+2:

White wool: blocks where Trapdoors are mounted on in the first place

Red Wool: Blocks where you can not place any block (including other Trapdoors) UPON without breaking the Trapdoors




width=800 height=640http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f25/flatliner10/Minecraft/2014-01-31_203528_zps021fc286.png[/img]

Screen 3

White wool: blocks where Trapdoors are mounted on in the first place

Red Wool: You can't place this Blocks AFTER the Trapdoor has been installed without breaking it, if they where there before mounting ist its's fine.


This applies in ANY direction, not only next to another trapdoor, also if the other Trapdoor got to get mounted on a opposite Block.


You just cant place another Block of any kind next to a Trapdoor without breaking it.

You also cant move another Block in an Area next to a Trapdoor (using a Piston or whatever) the Trapdoor will get dislocated anyway, even if the Block witch is it mounted on stay static.


Hope this make it more clearly, sorry for bad English

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