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Event registration checks for correct bus


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Perhaps it would be helpful to new modders if the Event handler registration would check that you have registered your event handler to the correct bus.  It is rather easy to get them confused (or be unaware that eg the FML has a different bus) and all you can tell is that your event is not called.



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Perhaps something like


public class MinecraftForge
     * The core Forge EventBusses, all events for Forge will be fired on these,
     * you should use this to register all your listeners.
     * This replaces every register*Handler() function in the old version of Forge.
     * TERRAIN_GEN_BUS for terrain gen events
     * ORE_GEN_BUS for ore gen events
     * EVENT_BUS for everything else
    public static final EventBus EVENT_BUS = new EventBus("EVENT_BUS");
    public static final EventBus TERRAIN_GEN_BUS = new EventBus("TERRAIN_GEN_BUS");
    public static final EventBus ORE_GEN_BUS = new EventBus("ORE_GEN_BUS");




public class EventBus
    private static int maxID = 0;
    private ConcurrentHashMap<Object, ArrayList<IEventListener>> listeners = new ConcurrentHashMap<Object, ArrayList<IEventListener>>();
    private final int busID = maxID++;
    private String busName;

    public EventBus(String init_busName)
        busName = init_busName;
        ListenerList.resize(busID + 1);
// ...

     private void register(Class<?> eventType, Object target, Method method)
            Constructor<?> ctr = eventType.getConstructor();
            Event event = (Event)ctr.newInstance();
            if (! event.whichBus().equals(busName)) {
                            throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                                "Method " + method + " has @ForgeSubscribe annotation, but is being registered on the wrong bus " +
                                "(" + busName + " instead of " + event.whichBus() + ")"
// ... etc ... 
        catch (Exception e)




public class Event

    private static ListenerList listeners = new ListenerList();
    public String whichBus() {return "";};
// ...

public class BlockEvent extends Event {
    public String whichBus() {return "EVENT_BUS";};

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But what if people want to fire our events on different busses?

Short answer is no, you just need to register your shit on the correct bus. It's REALLY easy to tell if you use the correct bus. Does your event fire when it should? No? Wrong bus.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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