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Gradle folder structure


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I just configured a gradle+eclipse setup using the tutorial on the top of this forum, but I don't understand the folder structure correctly and minecraft doesn't load my texture.


Right now I have in one place forge and in another place my eclipse folder with my mod inside. Also, in eclipse, I have the build path of my mod requiring the forge project to build. And it works fine.







Inside mymod I have the source code and this works well.





But if I try to put an assets folder inside mymod the texture isn't loaded.








I think that the setup of having forge and the mods separate is very cool but I don't know if there is another easiest way. Also I've downloaded some opensource mods and any of them compile.

Isn't any 'stantard' setup that works for everyone?

Thanks! ;)

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The src download is the exact structure you need to make your folder.

The example mod has an example resource and source file. Everyhting is laid our exactly what you need to do.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Thanks, but after changing some folders I can't find the solution. The problem with copying the example mod is that it is inside the forge folder and mine not, and also the example mod only contains the info file without any other resource.


Here is my folder structure, trying to mimic the example.



And here is the project in eclipse.



The source code loads correctly but the resources no. Even the info file doesn't load.

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Gradle projects expect the sources for your project in the folder hierarchy rooted at [PROJECT_HOME]/src/main/java and the assets and assets and resources at [PROJECT_HOME]/src/make/resources.;


It puts the final jar final in [PROJECT_HOME]/build/libs


As long as that is where you stuff is, you're okay. Otherwise, you might need to learn some Gradle and Groovy to modify the sourceSets and such.


Easier to use the premade method.

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