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Gradle fails to replace versions


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In the build.gradle file I can define some things about my mod(id, version...).

I watched the code in the gradle file, and found out it is trying to replace ${version} in my mcmod.info file. I thought, if I change back the version in my mcmod.info file to ${version}, than gradle will place the correct version informations into it. I was right, but then I encountered a problem:

Gradle replaces the major and minor version numbers, but places always a zero to the build number. What do I do wrong, or is this behaviour expected?

try {


}catch(Throwable t) {

    MagicAppErrorSolver.solveProblem(t, this);


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Gradle doesn't have a concept of major or minor version numbers it jsut has a 'version' string. So whatever you're putting in that is what it'll use elseware.

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