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[1.7.2] Building mod with dependency on another mod


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Trying to build MCA using Gradle. It now uses another separate "mod" that contains core functions, interfaces, etc. that I plan to reuse. When building, Gradle can't find any references to this other mod. How do I point it in the right direction?


My file setup is probably very weird. I'm not sure what it's generally supposed to be with multiple mods, plus I'm using Git and I'm not very experienced with it.





      |_ java

          |_ mca

              |_ [mca's packages]

  |_ radixcore (this is the other mod's repository from GitHub)



My Eclipse workspace is as follows:



|_ src/main/java

    |_ [mca's packages]

|_ src/main/resources

    |_ [mca's resorces]

|_ radixcore (Shortcut to the src/main/java folder of the radixcore project)

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Something like this? It can't find the core. It's in a completely separate folder with another copy of gradlew, the minecraft source, etc. and its src/main/java is a linked folder in MCA's eclipse workspace. I don't understand how it is supposed to know where "com.radixshock.radixcore" is supposed to be, or how to tell it that.


The core's relevant build.gradle section:

apply plugin: 'forge'

version = "1.0.0"
group= "com.radixshock.radixcore"
archivesBaseName = "RadixCore"


MCA's relevant section

    dependencies {
        classpath 'net.minecraftforge.gradle:ForgeGradle:1.1-SNAPSHOT'
	classpath 'com.radixshock.radixcore:RadixCore:1.0.0'

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I really appreciate your help. This is all new to me, remember. I'm not familiar with gradle, maven, or anything like that. The core was published, apparently, but gradle still doesn't know where it is when building MCA. I'm not sure what else to tell it, or how.


This is a lot more frustrating than it has to be, but I'm probably making it more complicated than it really is. I may end up modifying my original build script to copy the core's source where it needs to be and then build, if that would work. Although I'd like others to know how to implement the core correctly since it's open source.

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