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Question About Server Connectivity of Forge.


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Curious question. i have been surfing the web and i cant find any one else who has the issues.


My question is this. i have no crash logs. i have no errors. im using build 1.6.4 rev .965

im running a Forge server from my home port forwarded correctly and all sources such as canyouseeme.org and stuff can see its open. people can connect. im doing test runs before i dedicate the server to a VPS host.


Before i start paying for a VPS i want to test the server and have a few players play on the modded server running about 58 mods roughly. i want to make sure its worth paying for and players will like it. Anyways onto the point.

Here is my issue


When i am currently logged into the server on my end Via my character my friend in Florida is able to connect. any time. anywhere.. no issues.


IF i am offline and the server is just idle with no players on.  at this point no one is able to connect unless i on my minecraft account is online. it says to my friend when he would to connect while i would be at work that "unable to reach server" even though on the console logs. never shows him once even trying to connect. However the second i launch minecraft and instantly connect no issues (obviously because im host) he can connect instantly.


So is it just a glitch in minecraft? Forge? to many mods? Could it even be my security system? because when the server is running i have my firewall off so that way we can ensure even though i have it custom set that it shouldn't effect. i still have it off. 


So i guess im just curious what can i do instead of leaving my character logged in all the time i while im even at work. players can still connect and play with or without anyone else being online. or with or without me being online.


IF i need to post any files or logs just let me know ill be more then happy to. just tell me which to post and or how to get it.


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yes and yes. both are off and both are showing open. hence why my friend can connect in the first place. if any of it was blocked then that would mean that he couldn't connect. However When my character is not logged into the server. he is unable to connect.



so im not sure how elementary this is honestly?

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We would need to know more about the state of the server.

How is it being hosted.

What is the state of the machine at the time that you're trying to connect.

I know it may sound stupid, but there are a lot of people out there who try to host on there home machines.

But have the same issue {when they are not home others cant join}

And it's because of something like the host computer going into standby when the person is not there.

Maybe something is telling your network to sleep or something. More information is needed.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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that was a helpful response lex. so to answer. im not sure what you would wish to know?


im running yes on a home machine before i head to a VPS server. The machine itself never goes into sleep mode. its a x64 Win 8 16 gigs ram computer with no firewall / security stuff when the server is online.  I have all ports forwarded. canyouseeme.org is showing the port ip is open and visible.  I am just not sure what in the network settings would cause it to go afk. because if i stay online my character and leave for the entire day the server still allows connectivity but as soon as my character disconnects its a no go.


IF there is something you need to know. like a file of some sorts ill find it and post it. but as of this point i know nothing of which would cause this issue.


my computers themselves i have about 6 in the house and 3 of them are on all time with no modes in which any processes or CPU can idle due to no one being at the machine itself.

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