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Config error causes fml.ItemTracker missing items error


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I'm trying to add Thermal Expansion to a custom mod pack and existing world.  This was created pre-1.6.4 launcher release so I don't know how to move the whole thing to FML.


The problem is that TE and FML don't see the same ID's.  I can see what's going on but not how to patch it.


Here's a couple of snips from the log (I won't bore you with the whole thing):

2014-04-22 22:37:35 [FINE] [fml.ItemTracker] The difference set is not equal:

only on left={

31692=Item 31692, Type thermalexpansion.item.tool.ItemMultimeter, owned by ThermalExpansion, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null,


only on right={

31656=Item 31656, Type thermalexpansion.item.tool.ItemMultimeter, owned by ThermalExpansion, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null,


My TE config says, however:


I was expecting one of the FML mismatches to be the TE config value but they are both different.



How do I clear up the other numbers and let TE and FML use the same id's? 

Where does FML store its id's and are they manually editable?

Where is the 3rd id coming from?

Are there guidelines for creating custom mod packs and importing existing worlds to FML?



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Interesting, seems either the mod isn't respecting that config, or you're loading the wrong config.

However typically that left/right issue is caused by your client ids not matching the server {or the save} and a config change would do it.

So try finding the correct config. Typically you can find that information by opening the game folder and looking under config.

But it depends on the mod. Also remember, when it comes to items, they are *typically* offset by 256 from the config value. so the in-game id would be {31364+256} = 31620

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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You know your in trouble when the Forge Code God says "Interesting".  It's kind of like the guy reading your MRI says "Interesting".


You gave me an idea.  I blew away ThermalExpansion, both the jars and the configs.  I then turned off retroactive ore generation in COFHworld.cfg.  Everything worked but of course all the TE items were gone. 


Then I reloaded TE and was able to play - no problem.  One problem - no TE ores.  So I reenabled retrogen and the ID clash came back! 


So the issue has something to do with retrogen.  Anyone had this before, or anyone from COFH can point the way?

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