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ServerConfigurationManager op/whitelist naming issues


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Overmind, this isn't exactly following your post rules but you asked me to report and I don't know where else to put it.


In ServerConfigurationManager we have the following;


    /** A set containing the OPs. */
    private Set ops = new HashSet();
    private Set whiteListIPs = new HashSet();




    public Set getIPWhiteList()
        return this.whiteListIPs;

    public Set getNamesWhiteList()
        return this.ops;


as well as;


    public boolean isAllowedToLogin(String par1Str)
        par1Str = par1Str.trim().toLowerCase();
        return !this.whiteListEnforced || this.ops.contains(par1Str) || this.whiteListIPs.contains(par1Str);



I don't think I have to point out what is wrong here.

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