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The biome dictionary needs a expansion!


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Should mesas and savannas really be treated as if they are just variations of pre-existing biomes?


Should [non-cold] taigas be grouped with ice plains?


I don't think so.  With the expansion of biome types in vanilla 1.7, there should be more definitions to use for mob spawning so that modders can have mobs related to savannas spawn only in savannas, mobs that spawn in mesa-type biomes [which there are multiple of [canyon, for instance] and so.  In fact, i'm going to go as far to say that there should be twice the amount of definitions to use given all the different biome classes biome adding mods bring.


Currently there is 11 biome classifications in the forge biome dictionary, which just isn't enough since even vanilla have well over 30 biome types now, even if a good share are just variations.  For instance mesas and savannas are too unique of biomes to be grouped as just plain and desert biomes.


So without further ado, here's a list of potential terms for the biome dictionary to add.  If all were added, the definition count would go up to around 22 definitions, doubling the definition could.  I tried my best to avoid redundancy, as if there was too many definitions the point of a biome dictionary would be ruined.














This list does not take into account unique biomes or aquatic biomes.


*Haunted biomes being evil magic biomes, like the eerie and tainted biomes from thaumcraft or the ominous woods in boP.  A few other mods like Evilcraft also add biome types that would likely be deemed 'haunted'.


While I know I can use a program to make custom mob spawns [and have], seeing more diversity in biome tags officially would be greater and give more options to how modders can have mobs spawn.

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