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[1.7.2] Editing existing classes?


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If I were you, I wouldn't do that.


I strongly advise against it.


However, if you must;

There is editable code. This is how you get to it:

In eclipse, look for the "build" folder. Navigate to "tmp", then to "recompSrc".

Inside there, there is a huge repository of editable files. The Minecraft folders are located in recompSrc's "net", then "minecraft" folders. I don't know whether these are the actually running files when you start Minecraft in eclipse, or if it is the folders in forgeSrc in "Referenced Libraries" that contains uneditable code. Either way, the code in recompSrc is fully editable.

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Stop now!




If you need to, use ASM or Reflection, but never, and I repeat NEVER edit base classes!



Minecraft can do ANYTHING, it's coded in Java and you got the full power of Java behind you when you code. So nothing is impossible.

It may be freaking fucking hard though, but still possible ;)


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Use ASM, Coremods or Events. Tutorial (for 1.6.2): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1854988-tutorial-162-changing-vanilla-without-editing-base-classes-coremods-and-events-very-advanced . Also, there is a mod, called "Battlegear 2", go to its GitHub repository (https://github.com/Mine-and-blade-admin/Battlegear2/blob/master/battlegear%20mod%20src/) and explore the code (this mod patches EntityPlayer class and many more)

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