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Forge 10.13.0 Minecraft 1.7.10


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Forge Version: 1.7.10-

Minecraft Version: 1.7.10



Alright time for another Recomended build/release.

This time for Minecraft 1.7.10, we've had these builds out for quite some time and people have been testing it reigourusly.

There is good news, MOST 1.7.2 mods should work JUST fine on 1.7.10 due to the inner workings of minecraft changing little in areas modders use, and our runtime deobfusction providing a stable target.

However this does not GUARANTEE your mods will work, so give it a try if they do not, then you need to wait for the mod author to update.


Modders, it appears that 1.7.2 mods will work with 1.7.10 {barring any Mojang derps} with a few caveots that you should take into accout now!

AABBPool is gone, use static function in AxisAlignedBB

Vec3Pool is gone, use normal Vec3s.

And a few others.


Minecraft Forge 10.13.0 Changelog:


Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10.


  • FML now sets a security manager (FINALLY!). It's primary purpose at this point is to catch rogue calls to System.exit so that they can cause a proper crash report, rather than silently abandoning the game.
  • New event for when players are loaded/saved to disk, allowing modders to add and manage extra player information.
  • Add support for mod access transformers without a coremod requirement. Use the "FMLAT" manifest attribute, with a space separate list of files that live in the 'META-INF' directory. They should conform to standard AT formatting.
  • New GUI system for modders, allowing them to create in-game config screen. Thanks bspkrs, http://minalien.com/minecraft-forge-feature-spotlight-config-guis/ for more info.
  • API is now able to "provide" and "own" itself. Useful for libraries without a Mod in them. To go along with this, you can now require an API, with a version, in your mod dependency string
  • Add config option to specify the default spawn fuzz factor for the overworld.
  • New RenderItemInFrameEvent fired when, well, a ItemFrame renders an Item.
  • Added FluidStack sensitive version for Fluid's localised name
  • Updated scala libraries to 2.11
  • New AchivementEvent fired when a player receives an achivement.
  • Added World to ChunkProviderEvent.ReplaceBiomeBlocks, and exposed metadata to End and Nether generation events.
  • Enhanced the Biome Dictionary with tags based on temperature, vegetation, moisture, trees and others
  • Added ability for modders to create there own BiomeDictionary Types.
  • New RenderBlockOverlay event fired when the client renders any 'overlay' on the HUD, such as Fire, In Water, or Suffocating in a solid block.
  • Added new system flag to disable Forge's Stincil bits in the display, -Dforge.forceNoStencil=true, Use this if you have graphics issues on the main menu. Caused by lwjgl issues and old graphics cards.
  • Update realms library to 1.3.1, and implement network latch when connecting to Realms. Tested and working.
  • New GradleStart and GradleStartServer classes for developers, takes no required arguments and will find everything for you. can also specify a --username and --password to be logged in to your account at dev time for remote server testing.

Bug Fix:

  • Added missing onLivingJump calls
  • Fixed vines generation for hanging off of trees.
  • Added sanity check to prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in getOreName for negative ids.
  • Added missing 1.7 biomes to BiomeDictionary
  • Fixed a server crash caused by a player joining that is in a non existent dimension
  • Fixed NPE caused by modders passing around an invalid ItemStack.
  • Fixed flower pots not droping the items that are inside them.
  • Added Configuration.load() exception handling and logging
  • Fixed compounding quotes issue with category names that require quotes when save is called more than once
  • Fixed creative inventory tabs not blending base don items rendered.
  • Fixed issue where Fire's 'fizz' would not play for the person who extinguished the fire.
  • Fixed more issues where certian Items would messup the GL context and cause other things to render oddly after them.
  • Fixed EmeraldOre not respecting isReplaceableOreGen
  • Fixed Enchantment.addToBookList
  • Force preferIPv4Stack to true early in the load chain to combat netty loopback issues.


Major New Feature:

Asynchronous Chunk Loading:[/n]

    Load chunks asynchronously for players.


    When a player triggers a chunk load via walking around or teleporting

    there is no need to stop everything and get this chunk on the main thread.

    The client is used to having to wait some time for this chunk and the

    server doesn't immediately do anything with it except send it to the

    player. At the same time chunk loading is the last major source of file IO

    that still runs on the main thread.


    These two facts make it possible to offload chunks loaded for this reason

    to another thread. However, not all parts of chunk loading can happen off

    the main thread. For this we use the new AsynchronousExecutor system to

    split chunk loading in to three pieces. The first is loading data from

    disk, decompressing it, and parsing it in to an NBT structure.  The second

    piece is creating entities and tile entities in the chunk and adding them

    to the world, this is still done on the main thread. The third piece is

    informing everyone who requested a chunk load that the load is finished.

    For this we register callbacks and then run them on the main thread once

    the previous two stages are finished.


    There are still cases where a chunk is needed immediately and these will

    still trigger chunk loading entirely on the main thread. The most obvious

    case is plugins using the API to request a chunk load. We also must load

    the chunk immediately when something in the world tries to access it. In

    these cases we ignore any possibly pending or in progress chunk loading

    that is happening asynchronously as we will have the chunk loaded by the

    time they are finished.


    The hope is that overall this system will result in less CPU time and

    pauses due to blocking file IO on the main thread thus giving more

    consistent performance. Testing so far has shown that this also speeds up

    chunk loading client side although some of this is likely to be because

    we are sending less chunks at once for the client to process.


    Thanks to ammaraskar for help with the implementation of this feature.

    Thanks to Blood of Cauldron for implementing this.

Bspkr's GUI System:

A new GUI system created by bspkrs and cpw to allow modders to create in-game configuration guis.




Note on Realms:

Forge DOES connect and play on Realms servers just fine.

However, Mojang likes to push out many new versions of there Realms library, they have the ability to update there json files remotely, we do not.

As such if they update the required realms library version, you either have to wait until Forge updates, or manually edit your json file.

We are working on a simple method to automate this process, however, for the time being this is what we have.

Updating your json is really simple, go to your .minecraft/versions/1.7.10.json

Look for com.mojang:realms: There will be a version number after that.

Go to .minecraft/versions/1.7.19-Forge{ForgeVersion}.json

Find the same com.mojang:realms line, and update the version number to match the one in 1.7.10.

ONLY do this is you are having issues connecting to Realms!


As stated we are trying to find a more generic automatic solution. But mojang's launcher does not support the features we need in order for it to be possible.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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