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Forge Incompattible with Custom Launcher


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So first of all, I have to use Mineshafter to use Minecraft. I would buy MC if I only had the money for it. :( . I prefer to buy games; if they are good enough to buy then the dev probably deserves money(more than sale price sometimes, as is the case of games such as Junk Jack on iOS). I only use "alternative methods" of getting them when I lack the money to get them the "standard" way.


Now that that's out of the way, the problem: I would like to play quite a few mods, but most NEED Forge. Forge gives Mineshafter a black screen error. I could of course use MCPatcher's or Magic Launcher's "Test Minecraft" button, but then my multiplayer data and achievements are erased. Please make forge compatible as it used to be.

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No, mineshafter is incompatible with FML/Forge. Tough. Sadly, because I don't support pirating what is an excellently cheap game, I'm not going to go out of my way to help them "fix" it either.  If they figure it out for themselves, then whatever.

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