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Pathing issues and pressure plate issues


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I have just installed the new 1.7.10 Minecraft which worked fine with my last save from 4/2013. I just downloaded the latest Forge following the video tutorial exactly as provided here. I used the 1.7.10-Latest 1.7.10  08/03/2014 06:51:43 AM version.  I have no other mods installed.


I need to know about adding the log files, I am not sure what you mean, I think I am supposed to use the "fml-client-latest.log" and the "latest.log" ?  You said we cant attach the files, but the files are huge in size, and I didnt want to paste them here before I clarified it with you. Please let me know how to proceed with that. I looked at other posts and did not see anyone copying those files.


The problem I am having is that after I started minecraft (the versions were correctly displayed in the splash screen), and chose the Forge as the user, after starting the game, all the pressure plates I installed stopped working. Also, most of the doors I had them installed on had pathing issues, I had problems exiting them - even the double doors, and were unable to reenter them. I kept being blocked like there was something in the way. That was really only for the front and back doors, on set of doors on the 2nd floor had pressure plates, but I was able to get through the doors as normal.


I had tried this twice, I backed up the save file before installing forge, and had deleted the problem save and started fresh with the original backup, and checked it, and everything worked perfectly. Then I did the 2nd install of forge, and when I started the game the same issues happened again.


I dont know if there is anything you can do, I installed Forge because I wanted to install the Journey Map Mod, but I need access to those doors and the pressure plates makes it much easier.  I was also hoping to use some other mods later. I am going to try to tear down the whole doorway and extend it out and try that (I just thought of it) will update after.


Also, I search both Google and the forums to any issues with pathing and pressure doors, and found nothing related to Forge.


EDIT: I just tried using my personal profile with the same save, and all the problems disappeared. Only when I used the Forge profile the issues returned.


Let me know if you need the log files, and how you want me to proceed with them.


Thank you for your help.

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ALWAYS post log files, people who don't are breaking the rules -.-

There are plenty of sites out there that let you paste long text files. pastbin.com is a good one.

We do not edit anything related to pressure plate heights. So there is nothing that should cause you to not be able to go through the door.

If I am understanding your issue correctly...

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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I pasted the fml-client-latest.log at pastebin (finally figured out what that is!)




Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi Lexmanos, I know that it does not seem like a problem that could be caused by Forge, but this has only happened when I use the Forge profile, when I use mine, the problem is not there. So there has to be something going on with the Forge profile that is causing that. I really want to get this resolved, as I want to use some mods, and cant with out this.

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Hi LexManos,


Here is the Dropbox link to the zipped file (I used winrar)




I supplied coordinates to all the double doors around the main building. If you open one door, it is usually fine to go through, but if you open BOTH doors, that is where the problem seems to lie. Once you go outside, you cant get back in. I occasionally have to move back and forth through the doors more than once, but mostly once is sufficient.


Also you can see the pressure plates all stopped working, which is also not a problem when I use my profile, and only occurs when I use the Forge profile. This also occurs for the metal door buttons, which I have included the coordinates to which are at the warehouse door.


Here are the coordinates:


Main Outer Front Doors:

x= 86.94

y= 64.0

z= 336.24


Inner Front Doors:

x= 86.74


z= 331.57


Back Outer Doors:

x= 87.00

y= 64.0

z= 314.74


Upstairs Double Doors:

x= 84.556

y= 68.0



Warehouse Metal Door Buttons:

x= 61.96

y= 63.00



let me know if you need anything else, and thanks for your help!


Edit:  I watched the java video in your signature, I did not install it that way, just wanted to be sure that was not required. I can try it that way if you think it might help. Also am watching your videos on how not to play minecraft. Very funny to see you getting started!


LOL - your 3rd video - "I think a little urine might have escaped there!" HAHAH!! That was hilarious!


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Loaded up your world ran around your house tested all your doors, everything is functioning correctly.

Please provide logs and potentially videos of the issue with your debug hud up {f3}

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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  Here is the YouTube video of the issue. I removed the pressure plates from the back door while in my profile, and when i switched over to Forge, the door worked normally. Then I added the pressure plates, and the problem returned. You can see that in the video.


Here is the link"





Here are the links to the latest logs after using the Forge Profile. I have been playing in my profile, and there are no issues, only when I switch to the Forge profile the problems you see in the video happen.


















  If you have any ideas of what I can try, let me know.


Thanks again for all your help!



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Update forge, you're running the single version {1191} that has a snight metadata bug, it *might* be what's causing your issue.

However, the other potential is that you're lagging somehow.

What it looks like is the server thinks the doors are closed but your client thinks they are open. {And vise versa for the buttons}


So update, and see what happens.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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