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minecraft entity path block


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how to make that when entity colides or just a block blocks path that entity would destroy it?


i want to my mod when gravel or sand is blocking the path to destroy it

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What do you mean? How can a path be blocked and still be a path? Are you making some sort of massive destruction mob that just destroys all the blocks around it wherever it goes?

By the way, destroying a block of sand may not unblock a path unless there are none above that one, otherwise you just get an avalanche of more sand/gravel.

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The problem is that entities' pathfinding code currently tries to find paths around blocks.  So for an entity to try to go through blocks (while destroying them) you'd have to make an entirely different pathfinding.  However it may be possible to trick the entities to find paths through blocks by playing with the addCollisionBoxesToList and collisionRayTrace methods of the blocks.  What you could do is to make your own replacement custom blocks that extend the vanilla blocks that you want to be breakable.  You would @Override the addCollisionBoxesToList() and collisionRayTrace() methods such that if the block was at same level as the entity it would have no collision, and then I think the path finding will let it through.  Then when it actually goes into it you can break it.


Alternatively, perhaps you could override the AI all together and replace with your own AI that always moves in straight line towards the target and when it gets really close to the blocks while trying to get through it will break the block.


Note one trick is that standard blocks and entities never really collide, because they keep outside the bounding box.  Entities only really go "inside" a block if it is a type that allows it, like a portal or web or similar.


Not sure if any of the above suggestions help. Overall it is very difficult to do with vanilla blocks and entities, but might be fairly easy with a custom entity or custom blocks.

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