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"TileEntityConstructing" and/or "BlockCreated" events


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If these were possible, it would give us a lot of power and flexibility - there are many cases I can think of where this would save a significant number of operations/iterations, and open up other areas that are impossible without coremodding.


TileEntityConstructing is pretty self explainatory: I would think this'd be injected into the end of TileEntity#createAndLoadEntity. Such an event would allow mods to observe/modify TileEntity data in a less-direct manner (i.e. without a custom mod block within proximity of whichever block has the TE) and also a less-hacky manner (reflection/asm on specific tile entity classes). The main advantage of this is efficiency - a block, tick event, etc. currently has to constantly scan for TileEntities within whatever range, or globally if they're daring enough. Another advantage is simply to make the impossible possible - for example a specific game mechanic (e.g. summoning a boss) that does something to all applicable TE's (e.g. drain all the electricity from your base). This would be doable if a mod were to keep it's own central registry of TE's that it needs to interract as they are created, and just check this array/list/whatever as needed to do it's thing - but that's probably obvious.


BlockCreated is a similar idea, but for blocks. Not sure if this is possible/feasible, but it'd be potentially more useful. But maybe only along with an event that is fired when metadata for a block changes (or people can do that themselves with a tick event).


Only one is needed really, since it's simple to get one from the other. I would fork MinecraftForge and make a pull request for it, but I'm new to the MCP side of things. Seems that Forge has patch/diff files that it uses, and I know how to make these but I don't know of the specifics in how Forge is built or interracts with MCP. If anybody has some further reading on this, please let me know. That is unless the Forge collective don't see the point in this suggesion, which would be disappointing.



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After looking through the code a bit, I have found that createAndLoadTileEntity is called when a TE is loaded from nbt storage. If you want an event when a TE is placed, it needs to go in world#addTileEntity and/or the methods related to these like the methods for TE removal.

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Both should sufficiently be covered by the block events, and beyond that, there really isn't a good place to hook into this and pushing things like this out into the main event bus would just be horribly inefficient.

I don't see a real reason for you to need this exact event...

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Was about to write same thing.

Anyway - how do you people find topics that old?


Look into Forge's code before digging almost year old thread. Stuff changes over time.


If you need help in implemeting this (TheEdenCrazy) post what you need (exactly) in Modder Support.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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