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Forge 10.13.2 Minecraft 1.7.10

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Forge Version: 1.7.10-

Minecraft Version: 1.7.10



So, Minecraft 1.8 is out, so is 1.8.1-pre2, 1.8.2 seems to be pending.

1.8 FML has been out for quite a while, but modders seem reluctant to actually stop being lazy and try updating.

So with lack of comments to the contrary I must assume they are okay with the state of FML, which means I can start updating Forge.

Before I update Forge, I wanted to push out a new recomended build for Forge 1.7.10.

So, here it is! It has a lot of new features!


Minecraft Forge 10.13.2 Changelog:



  • Added extra debug information for enchantment conflicts.
  • Added ExitVisitor to the TerminalTransformer that finds and intercepts any calls to Runtime.exit or System.exit. Modders DO NOT silently close Minecraft, there are proper mechanics to inform the users why you are shutting down.
  • Added event to allow full control over in-world fog rendering.
  • Added drainFluidContainer() and getContainerCapacity() helper methods to Fluids.
  • Added new hooks to allow modders to better control fishing behavior.
  • Added AnvilRepairEvent, fired when the player removes an ItemStack from the output slot of ContainerRepair, and allows the chance to damage the anvil to be altered.
  • Added new hooks to allow modders to control the sky's lighting values.
  • Added ability for creative tabs that have search bars to customize the text box's width.
  • Added ItemStack sensitive version of getItemEnchantability.
  • Added protection against mods with broken blocks creating phantom tile entites from other mods with incorrect metadata
  • Added 'ModType' manifest option to jar files to allow better interaction between other mod types {liteloader}.
  • Added new 'ModList' command argument to supply mod packs via a json file in addition to the base 'mods' folder. See here for more information. Wiki page
  • Added new hook to allow for custom beacon consumables.
  • Allow injecting alternative container types. This is the core support code for allowing sponge plugins!
  • Added STDOUT/STDERR redirection, should help tracking down 'unknown' console spam.
  • Added exception printing when deserializing datawatchers. Should stop pixelmon blaming forge for their mistakes.
  • Added more noise when people screw up mod downloading and put .jar.zip in their mod folders.
  • Added a delegate to every item and block. For better handeling of mods overriding vanilla/modded blocks/items.
  • Added support for nested directories in language fesources.
  • Update to legacylauncher 1.11 and asm 5.0.3, may cause issues with some coremods, they need to update.
  • Added new packet to reset client handshake, to support servers like BungeeCord.
  • Added new BlockPlace events to allow controliling block placement.
  • Disabeld StencilBits by default, to prevent issues with intel cards. You must now opt-in to enabeling stencil bits by suppling the -Dforge.forceDisplayStencil=true flag.
  • Added PlayerWakeupEvent for when players stop using beds.
  • Added username cache for determining a player's last known username.
  • Added automatic packaging of Crowdin translations!


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed vanilla bug where Exp Orbs would spawn in wrong location
  • Fixed vanilla bug where chat window would have wrong opacity in certian conditions
  • Fixed minor bugs in new GUI system
  • Fixed bug where Resource Packs could not override localizations from mods.
  • Fixed issue in loading non-coremod AccessTransformer files.
  • Fixed NPE that happens sometimes when exiting the game witout fully loading a world.
  • Fixed skulls not respecting Block.isReplaceable.
  • Fixed skulls deleting blocks when placed at certain angels.
  • Fixed issue in FML's networking that caused read errors with large mod packs.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where lighting values would delay sending of chunks to client.
  • Fixed bug that allowed duplication of Fluids with redstone dust.
  • Fixed ItemFluidContainer always draining the maximum amount, regardless of the amount remaining.
  • Fixed issue with NBT loading of legacy liquid names to new Fluid system.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where items with multiple render passes would look odd in first person.
  • Fixed bug where enchanted books would display on custom creative tabs.
  • Fixed potential AIOOB in BiomeDictionary.
  • Fixed bug where StringArrays would not save correctly in configs.
  • Fixed issue with 'gassious' fluids would render oddly.
  • Fixed Clientside GameProfile UUID being null on offline mode
  • Removed net.minecraft.src warning, if modders are in this package still there is no helping them.
  • Fixed bug where player data would get corrupt if they logged in before server fully started by kicking them if they try.
  • Fixed NPE error caused by FML trying to parse the super of Object in IDEA envs.
  • Fixed issue where there was a invisble 'ok' button allowing people to bypass fatal error messages.
  • Fixed issue with slow computers starting up single player worlds.
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException caused by Java 1.8 update 20.
  • Fixed bug in EntitySpawn packet that would cause data to not be written.
  • Fixed bug where server description would overlap server type in multiplayer list.
  • Fixed bug where client side commands would be sent to the server.
  • Fixed vanilla lighting issue and blending issues in achievements gui.
  • Fixed bug where biomes with weights less then 10 were not spawning correctly.


Major New Feature:

Block Place Event:

    Added PlaceEvent and MultiPlaceEvent which fires before placing a block.


    Before calling "ItemStack.tryPlaceItemInWorld", a recording flag is turned on for

    setBlock to capture a blocksnapshot for each block that attempts to be placed.


    If 1 block is captured, a "BlockEvent.PlaceEvent" is fired to notify mods.

    If 2 or more blocks are captured, a "BlockEvent.PlaceEvent" is fired first with the first block

    captured followed by a "BlockEvent.MultiPlaceEvent" with all captured blocks. This extra event

    is required for items that have the ability to place 2 or more blocks such as a BlockBed.


    If either event is cancelled, the recorded block snapshot(s), item stacksize, and item meta will

    revert back to the captured snapshot(s).

    If the events are not cancelled, a notification will be sent to clients and block physics will be updated.


    What this means for mods is Forge will be able to capture all player block placement automatically and fire

    a PlaceEvent and/or MultiPlaceEvent.

    If for whatever reason your mod does not use the standard placement methods then you will need to fire the

    appropriate placement events in order to notify mods/servers.


    This commit also includes a new utility class called BlockSnapshot which is serializable. This new class is used in conjunction with

    both PlaceEvent and MultiPlaceEvent in order to record a snapshot of block space before it is altered. This

    allows us to restore the block(s) if an event is cancelled. The class also provides the ability to restore a snapshot

    to any location using the restoreToLocation method. This should be helpful to many mods that are looking to be able

    to capture block data then restore it to back to any location required.


    This combined with our previous BlockBreak event should allow full control for permissions and anti-greifing mods.


Now that this is done, I may be able to actually start work on Forge's 1.8 update!

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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    • I just realized you are using a non-supported version of Forge based on the parameters of the render method as they are pre-1.15. The only versions supported are those in the blue banner at the top of the screen. Please update to one of the above versions to receive more support.
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