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[SOLVED] Block.unlocalizedName & Block.getBlockFromName()


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Not gonna lie, I'm just too lazy/annoyed to figure out a solution to this at the moment.


So the code I currently have gets the unlocalizedName of a block and saves it as a variable. I get that variable from another class and use Block.getBlockFromName() to get an instance of the block in order to be able to use things like .getMaterial(). Basically this:

(Obviously not real code)

public String blockName;
blockName = SomeBlock.getUnlocalizedName();

Material material = Block.getBlockFromName(blockName.subString(5)).getMaterial();

This usually seems to work fine.... When I do this with something like soul sand though, it crashes. I found out that this is because while the unlocalizedName variable in the soul sand class is "hellsand", it is added to the block registry as "soul_sand". This of course causes a problem. -Insert rant about how something like this shouldn't even be an issue-


Is there some other way I should be getting a blocks name? Perhaps Block.blockRegistry.getNameForObject(SomeBlock) which for soul sand returns "minecraft:soul_sand"? I could obviously just save the block itself as a variable instead of it's name, but I feel like that would be a little less efficient.

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