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[1.7.10] Allow a container to have a stacksize in excess of the item's stacksize


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I'm developing what will hopefully be a simple mod, which is a simple item storage based mod, that I'm calling DeepStorageChest. It's essentially intended to be a mash up of a chest and a DeepStorageUnit from the mod MineFactory Reloaded. As I'm sure you know, DeepStorageUnit allows for lots of storage of one particular item type, whereas, I want to allow lots of storage of multiple item types. Essentially, I'm creating a chest with 27 / 54 slots, but slots aren't limited by the item's maximum stack size. e.g. Cobblestone has a MaxStackSize of 64, EnderPearls 16, etc, but I want my storage to exceed this limit.


I've created my own TileEntity and Container classes for the storage block, and overriden methods such that I am able to shift click items to my storage block and exceed the normal MaxStackSize limit.


The problem I'm finding, is that the only way I can allow a slot to contain more than MaxStackSize items per slot is by shift clicking items in to the inventory, if I click drag to move them or use a hopper to place items into my container, then the MaxStackSize for the item is honoured, which is not what I want.


Can anybody explain how I might be able to accomplish this, as I can't find any methods I can override might allow me to be able to do this?


I'm building the mod for Forge 1.7.10, if that's relevant, source code so far is on GitHub (https://github.com/WalterWeight/DeepStorageChest)

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MaxStackSize will always be honoured. It is set inside Item instance and you can't do much to just change it (only for custom items).

If you set stackSize of itemStack to above MaxStackSize it will be auto-corrected and lowered to max.


I've been doing similar thing some time ago, I didn't really used stackSize. What I did was create arrays in TE - one list of ItemStacks (stackSize = 1), other sizeOfStack, and 3rd is a ItemStackBackup. Then I've overriden every method that uses ItemStack (merge, drop, everything) to use sizeOfStack for given slot instead of normal stackSize. Worked pretty well. You'd have to ofc add custom renderer to client Gui (which is easy - read size and render string)


There might be some new methods to archieve this since i was coding it before 1.6 :P


Edit: If you haven't gotten the idea - that also solves problem of drag-and-drop with mouse / anything else. Since it is TE you can always restore previous state of ItemStack (using ItemStackBackup) when you drag ItemStack it will be set to null in normal ItemStack array, but you always have backup array and size of stack saved separately, you can re-set it in onUpdate().

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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You'd have to fake it. Keep a stack at the maximum allowed as the "display" stack, then keep an internal counter storing the true value.

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