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Set players max health


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Cool suggestion, I really need this for my mod. :D

It shouldn't be only the player, but just every mob.


A way to maybe do this is by giving a entity name and then Forge checks if it exists and if it does it changes the max health.

This would add compatibly for all mods to edit vanilla Minecraft, but also other mods.



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You already CAN do this for every mob, using living spawn living events and EntityLiving.setMaxHealth().


As for the player it probably is as it is because if you made it any higher the GUI wouldn't know how to handle it. Have

you considered using resistance potion effects with higher levels than normal (ie 5, 6 etc.) or armor (depending on which is more applicable)?

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Terrafirmacraft already does this via PlayerAPI. There entities however are just re-done in a new version..


Would be better to have something that could globally scale things.. Terrafirmacraft alters health and damage so much that other mods with mobs are incompatible because of it.

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