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Rendering the game from bird's-eye view


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I know this is not an easy question:


How can I render the game a second time from bird's-eye view as a minimap and then display the rendered scene on the screen as a minimap?


You don't have to tell me how to render it, but it would be really helpful if you could tell me where I can find the place where the game is drawn in the code.


Thanks in advance!

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Try looking at how a Minecraft map draws from birds eye view.

I assume it starts from the top of the sky, and keeps going down until it hits a block. Do this for each block around the player. I am not sure about the color for each block though

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Rendering from a given point is easy (this is assuming you mean in the "if the player was there" with perspective, shaders, and all that).


There's a handful of things to keep in mind (graphics settings*), but essentially you wait for a (pre or post, pick one) render tick event, then relocate the camera (you will need an entity to target), render, then switch everything back.


You render to a dynamic texture, then do whateverthefuck you want with it.


*You might want to disable particles, clouds, or other things.  Save the current value, render, then set the values back, just like the camera.

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