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Forge 11.14.3 Minecraft 1.8


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Forge Version: 1.8-

Minecraft Version: 1.8




Note: As cpw has decided to do bugfixes for 1.7, and is a wizard with git, most 1.7 fixes are also in 1.8. So I will not reiterate them, you can read them here


Minecraft Forge 11.14.3 Changelog:



  • Expanded ModelBakeEvent to allow for flexibility in defining models in code.
  • New OCEAN_MONUMENT type for InitMapGenEvent
  • Minor tweak to UsernameCache to also cache usernames of offline players.
  • Made EnumFacing VALUES and HORIZONTALS public to better emulate old ForgeDirection values.
  • New ability to add prefix and suffixes to player's display na,e.
  • Quieted standard Forge logging QUITE a bit, hid everything behind environment variables.
  • New @Mod properties to define which environment to load the mod on.
  • Made Container.mergeItemStack respect Slot.isValidItem
  • WorldEvent.Load now fires for client worlds.
  • Added Nether Fortress chest to the ChestGenHooks
  • Added new helper method for Entity spawning placement
  • Added NeighborNotiftyEvent which is fired when blocks attempt to apply 'physics' updates.
  • Added EntityMountEvent fired when one entity tries to mount another.
  • Added newVolume and newPitch to PlaySoundAtEntityEvent
  • Added custom NBT data to TileEntity's, allowing any TE to hold data for external use.
  • Improved mod list GUI, including sorting and searching.
  • Reimplement RenderPlayerEvent that was removed in the port to 1.8 from 1.7.10.
    RenderPlayerEvent.Specials was removed because the special effects are done in the LayerRenderer now.
  • Extracted the creation of RegionRenderCache into a method to allow for custom versions.
  • Added hook for IPerspectiveAwareModel in RenderItem.renderItemIntoGUI for  ItemCameraTransforms.TransformType.GUI
  • Added tab completion to /forge command
  • Loosen up ServerChatEvent to support IChatComponent
  • Downgraded dedicated server's Netty version to match the Client.
  • Allow placeing of item frames on solid block faces.
  • Hook BlockState's Json loading to add support for simplified Forge format.
    See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/1885 for more details.
  • Mitigate potential issue with users requesting lots of server status information by caching ServerStatus json.
  • Added Breaking Animation for Smart Models, Checking each layer.
  • Limited sign json to 384 characters to prevent malicious clients from spamming the server.
  • New recipe system for the vanilla bewing stand.
  • Added ItemMap type check to item frames and ItemRenderer, enabling vanilla style rendering for custom maps
  • Added LivingExperienceDropsEvent to change the amount of experience an entity drops
  • MASSIVELY reduced the default logged messages, downside of this is we MAY require you to enable some log features if you have rare errors.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed BlockBush and BlockCrops not respecting custom soils.
  • Fixed InitMapGenEvent's fire order so values are used. And added OCEAN_MONUMENT type.
  • Fixed potential NPEs in Structure code caused by componenets not being able to load.
  • Fixed being kicked from the server while swimming.
  • Fixed NPE during loading of B3D models without textures/brushes.
  • Changed default B3D color to have full opacity.
  • Fixed vanilla NPE in FaceBakery
  • Fixed renderLayer holding incorrect values due to multithreaded rendering
  • Fixed ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation not storing same item with different metadata values
  • Fixed transformations of models.
  • Fixed a few potential vanilla world leaks.
  • Removed old debug code that caused a warning about events in ModelLoader.
  • Fixed a couple missed patches from the 1.8 update.
  • Fixed double decoding of UTF8 characters in lang files.
  • Fixed JukeBoxes not storing the inserted record.
  • Fixed NPE during baking of empty vanilla item models
  • Fixed enchanting table applying secondary enchantments incorrectly.
  • Fixed WorldInfo properties not being loaded
  • Fixed jukebox message being too low with forge
  • Fixed ModDiscoverer ignoring inner classes.
  • Fixed mipmapping being disabled due to Fry derping.
  • Fixed Z-fighting issue in EntityItems.
  • Fixed issue where the host's skin doesn't load on LAN servers.
  • Fixed issue where light levels would not update for specific modded block states.
  • Fixed Nether Fortress chest look initalization.
  • Fixed crash when texture loading throws RuntimeException without details
  • Fixed support for custom width unicode fonts.
  • Fixed Partial Face Lighting on Top/Bottom Faces
  • Fixed damage reduction rate of vanilla armor incorrectly scaling with armor's current durability.
  • Fixed potential threading issues related to custom network packets.
  • Fixed threading issues related to vanilla client connecting to Forge server.
  • Fixed potential memory leak with worlds related to the World Border.


Major New Feature:

@Mode Side Control:

New @Mod properties to define which environment to load the mod on.

clientSideOnly will only be loaded in the Client environment.

serverSideOnly will only be loaded in the Dedicated server environment.

Combine with acceptedMinecraftVersions to prevent users from loading the mod in the incorrect environment.

For the love of god modders USE THIS! It'll stop all those 'you ran a 1.7 mod on 1.8!' and 'you ran a client mod on the server!'


Command Exploit:

Fixed several exploits that would allow players to run commands above their privledge level.


Downgrading Netty:

The version of netty shipped with the vanilla dedicated server jar contains bugs. So Forge downgrades it to match the version of Netty that the client uses.


BlockState.json format change:

Modders have been whining seince day one about the new json model format that was introduced in 1.8. They have some valid points that it is quite verbose. Which is what Forge is here to address! {Seriously guys, working forward is better then bitching}

See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/1885 for more details.


B3D Improvements:

- fixed keyframe transformation application

- textures are now resolved the same way as in vanilla models

- added the ability to use forge blockstate texture information

- removed unused code from the B3D example


Loading Screen:

Thanks to Fry for working on a new loading screen for Forge.

You can see it in action below, it works on 99% of end users computers, however some OSX/Linux graphics drivers, and some mod combinations do not behave with it correctly.

So, we have added the option to disable it. Simply go into .minecraft/config/splash.properties and set enabled=false.

If Forge detects one of the common errors it will automatically disable this entry and show a error message in the log stating that you should simply try running it again. But if all else fails you can manually disable it as previously stated.

It works with 99% of users, and it's far better then just a 'not responding' screen so it's enabled by default.



FML and Forge Official Merge:

FML and Forge have always shipped together, but for my own sanity and easier maintainability FML and Forge are now in the same github repository. FML will no longer be shipped standalone because nobody ever used it. And eventually everything in FML will be merged directly into Forge. Code and packages will most likely stay the same so modders, don't worry! This is mainly just a ease of development {no longer having to push to 4 repositories every time I change FML}


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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