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[1.7.10] Different client player .posY in obf and deobf environment.


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Hello, here i am with some problems:

My mod uses payer.posY each tick and checks for block on that position (after checking other stuff). And the problem i met in deobf environment was that posY of player on client was server's y position + eyeHeight. So i had to change code to following:

		Block block;
			block = player.worldObj.getBlock((int) Math.floor(player.posX), (int) Math.floor(player.posY - 1), (int) Math.floor(player.posZ));
		} else {
			block = player.worldObj.getBlock((int) Math.floor(player.posX), (int) Math.floor(player.posY), (int) Math.floor(player.posZ));

This code is working with zero problems in dev environment... But, when i run it in obf environment, on client it is not working, as it is in dev. How ever, server part of code is working equally good in both environments.

How do i know that this is not working on client in obf?

Here's logging code:

			logger.debug(player.rotationPitch == 90 && ((block == TeleplatesBase.teleplate && EnergyManager.canTeleportFromTeleplate(player))));
			logger.debug((player.rotationPitch == 90) + " && ((" + (block == TeleplatesBase.teleplate) + "&&" + (EnergyManager.canTeleportFromTeleplate(player)) + "))");

And here's logging results i get in dev environment:

[16:59:55] [server thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true
[16:59:55] [server thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true&& ((true&&true))
[16:59:55] [Client thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true
[16:59:55] [Client thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true&& ((true&&true))

And in obf environment:

[16:57:36] [server thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true
[16:57:36] [server thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true && ((true&&true))
[16:57:36] [Client thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: false
[16:57:36] [Client thread/DEBUG] [Teleportation Manager/]: true && ((false&&true))

So it leads me to fact that yPos of player on client is different in 2 environments... Why??? And how to fix it???


Thanks for help!

If you have any questions - just ask!

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if(player.getClass().getName().contains("net.minecraft.client")) - This is a joke... right? RIGHT?

Use player.worldObj.isRemote.

Wow. Don't know why i wrote that, but anyway, fixed it... And it fixed this problem... Don't know exactly why though... Dangit... I'm an idiot... In obf, names are obfuscated...

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You could also have used


.  But worldObj.isRemote is probably the best method.

Apparently I'm a complete and utter jerk and come to this forum just like to make fun of people, be confrontational, and make your personal life miserable.  If you think this is the case, JUST REPORT ME.  Otherwise you're just going to get reported when you reply to my posts and point it out, because odds are, I was trying to be nice.


Exception: If you do not understand Java, I WILL NOT HELP YOU and your thread will get locked.


DO NOT PM ME WITH PROBLEMS. No help will be given.

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