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Minecraft Forge and Minecraft 1.4.5


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I've just updated to minecraft 1.4.5, so I went about re-installing all of my mods, starting with FML (Forge ModLoader), and it won't start saying my minecraft configuration is incompatible, checking my log reveals that it is doing this because my .jar is for 1.4.5, and forge is for 1.4.4.


How can I run forge on minecraft 1.4.5?

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So where's the log?


Anyway, you should get 6.4.x of forge, here and try again:


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This thread makes me sad because people just post copy-paste-ready code when it's obvious that the OP has little to no programming experience. This is not how learning works.

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"Read this or you may get banned." and "Excessively Asked Question: Read me before posting!" Do you see those two topics? Read them.

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This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




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