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Question to block id allocation in 1.7.10 to future versions of minecraft


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Hi guys,


I am wondering what will happen if I update my current map from 1.7.10 to 1.8 or further. Currently in 1.7.10 forge handles block id's, so if I add a new mod some block id's will change or will be added.

I realized that currently there are many modded blocks that have id's that will be used in future versions of vanilla minecraft. So now those blocks are book cases, printing presses etc, but MCEdit thinks that they are new blocks of MC 1.8 or 1.9: End blocks, structure blocks etc. So if I update my map in the future, do I have to change those modded blocks because they will change into future vanilla blocks in the future? Or will forge handle all this stuff and gives new introduced blocks of vanilla minecraft just another id?

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Forge manages the block ID mapping and will use the world ids BEFORE the new ids.

So loading a 1.7.10 world in 1.8, if any mod blocks have the ids for newly added vanilla ones, for that world the vanilla ones will have new IDs.

We store a table of block name -> IDs in the world itself so they are fine.

MCEdit needs to support that table if they ever want to support modded stuff.



I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Ah thank you, this sound good. I was in fear that I have to do another porting session with MCEdit, if I want to update my server in the future, so I am happy with this.


A bit off topic: I saw that by using the analyse feature of MCEdit, that there is a future block with the ID 0:1. I wonder what this could be. My old map contains a lot of those 0:xx blocks and at first I thought that the reason for this would be a broken map. But this 0:1 block is also in my new generated map..

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