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[1.9] Add custom teleporter registration to DimensionManager


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Currently, while looking through the code, neither vanilla or anything Forge adds takes into account custom dimension teleporters. See net.minecraft.world.WorldServer line 119:


this.worldTeleporter = new Teleporter(this); 


Whenever I want to teleport an entity, I have to create a new instance of my custom teleporter class. While this works fine, it's not really ideal, because the teleporter instances do not share a cached portal position list. (Thus, everytime something teleports, the teleporter has to search within a wide range of blocks for a matching portal). If Forge added the ability to register Teleporters (in DimensionManager?), then a system could be made in which only 1 teleporter instance is made for a WorldServer of a certain dimension (therefore the teleporter instance would not have to search for a portal everytime, reducing teleport time, which I'm sure everyone can agree is a good thing). At the moment, you can make the cache variable static and do manual removal checks, but I feel an actual alternative is better.

Just a thought - SH

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OR, get this, You could NOT create a NEW instance of your Teleporter every time, and instead use a single instance that you manage for the world. Maybe... Naw that would make to much sense...

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Yes, you could do that. However, because vanilla teleporter class requires a WorldServer instance in the constructor, it would have to be made either in a method that subscribes to the World.Load event or making a variable in the portal block that gets instated if (teleporter == null). Either way is fine, but I just figured that if Forge spent the time to write all the other dimension stuff, they might as well go the whole way and make things neat.

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