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How do I program Java


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I'm sorry to say this, but you should learn, at least basic, java coding before venturing into the Minecraft world.

Java is both simple and complex, but if you dive into minecraft modding before you know how to swim, you would sadly likely give up and do something else.


Start with the universal「Hello World!」system-output that most languages teach you.

Do you know what OOP (Object Oriented Programming) truly means? What's a class? What is a method? Field? Boolean, Integer, String, Byte, Array, List, etc.

What's a for-loop? While-loop? If-Else statements?

What's the difference between private, global, static, void & abstract methods?


These are rudimentary terms required to understand Java, heck, any coding language. Whilst they may seem big and scary, it is still a language. Know the grammar, and you can write your essay (mod)


Also previously known as eAndPi.

"Pi, is there a station coming up where we can board your train of thought?" -Kronnn

Published Mods: Underworld

Handy links: Vic_'s Forge events Own WIP Tutorials.

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