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Forge Request - Rising World


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I've been playing this game called Rising World and I dug through the files to see that a lot of it is encoded in Java. I really love this game and what it has become over these past couple years and so I would like to ask, can you please create a Forge Mod Loader for the game? This game is awesome and in my opinion has the capability of turning Minecraft into Ancient History, all it needs is the right person and or detail to take it out of Alpha and into it's beta stage. Can you please consider creating a mod loader for it? Thank you for your time and patience.

Thank you for your time and patience.



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1. Just because two things were made in the same programming language (and they share some aspects), does not necessary means that you can make the same tool for them.


2. For what I can see, Rising World already has a growing mod community. Minecraft didn't started with a big/good modding community too (in fact, few games have). Give it some time to grow, as you said yourself, the game is still in alpha, which means it could still change dragically.


3. I doubt that Minecraft will become ancient history anytime soon, it's community is healthy as Skyrim's (or even better).


Creating Potatium Craft, please wait.

For a better (and yet poor explanation of my WIP mod, go to: Potatium Craft Overview )

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