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  1. I mean, you can, it would be a different forge mod loader version. I am asking mostly because I refuse to change to 1.19.x due to Microsoft's policies and decisions about the game (the in-game chat report system)
  2. Just a quick question regarding this big feature. I know that 1.18 is on LTS, but having proper fluids for it would be really nice.
  3. On Steam there currently is a really popular Demo for a game called 'Stalcraft' But looking at the files it is literally a modified minecraft client, running a bunch of mods (you can find stuff like 'codechicken', 'cpw', 'optfine', 'carpenterblock' and others Is this game even legal?
  4. One of my algorithms teatcher saw this, and he said: "I will give 1 point in the test to whom explains this to me."
  5. Sorry, didn't phrase my correctly. I would still give help, but from his statements it would seem that he wouldn't provide a repo or much of his code in fear that someone would "steal" his idea.
  6. One?! I don't think you can do much on minecraft modding without knowing java. I would rather say that: you either pick all or none.
  7. You are only fooling yourself that you know modding. All you are doing id copy/paste of his code, but with your stuff. True, you will "learn" modding for minecraft, but your mods will be simple, without any new features or things like that.
  8. As diesieben07 said: So, the community gave you the sources, if you wanna learn minecraft modding, you have to learn Java. And Shadowfacts is the second largest 1.9.4 tutorial (that has quality) that I've found on google (only losing to a youtuber that his tutorials are all in german)
  9. Are you even reading what we post here or following the links? You_Don't_Open_.class! Read the Java Tutorial!
  10. Since MrCrayfish's tool does not run on my computer, I make my models on techne and than use this tool to convert it to the .json format (and, so far, has been proving really good).
  11. Learn jave Test IDEs to see which one suits you better (I use intelliJ) Then you give a try to modding. And you don't open .class, you open .java It is on the first section of the Java learning that I've gave the link. Don't be lazy to learn, or you might end up with a crappy shit code.
  12. Yes, you can do it with oredictionary http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Common_Oredict_names is set as: workbench
  13. https://java.com/en/download/help/win_controlpanel.xml If you can't find it, try installing latest java.
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