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Forge 12.16.1 Minecraft 1.9


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Forge Version: 1.9-

Minecraft Version: 1.9



While we sit here and twiddel out thumbs waiting for Mojang to officially release 1.9.3, we figured it would be a good time to officially release our first recomended build for the 1.9.x familyu of Minecraft.

This is for version 1.9 specifically (AKA: 1.9.0). It comes with a lot of new bug fixes, tons of performance enchancements and all new combat mechanics whoo!!!!

Once 1.9.3 is officially dropped, we will immediatly be updating. And most likely pushing out a RB within the week. So get to testin and get to reportin.

The hope with this RB is to get modders to start taking 1.9 seriously and update. There is A LOT of cool stuff for them to play with!


Minecraft Forge 12.16.1 Changelog:



  • Added logging unknown exceptions in commands.
  • Added "gui3d" and "smooth_lighting" options to the forge blockstate.
  • Added hook to add entity spectator shader.
  • New universal bucket system. Modders can now enable a forge bucket that will take over vanilla and work with all registered fluids.
  • New hooks for swiming in fluids.
  • Added logging for LAN servers who derp indexedcodecs.
  • Increased actual maximum fuel burn time from 32767 to 2147483647.
  • Added event to allow more control over the cameras FOV.
  • Added support for custom dyes in banners.
  • Added support for IItemHandler capability on all vanilla entities.
  • Added new methods to make custom block states easier.
  • Tooltips will now wrap instead of going off screen.
  • Compleetly refactored and orginized interal Registry system, allows modders a simpler and cleaner interface with all vanilla registeres as well as custom ones added by mods.
  • Fully implemented Villager Registry.
  • New registries for SoundEvents, Enchantments, MobEffects and PotionTypes
  • New support for ResourceLocations in IMCs
  • New hooks to registry system to capture vanilla information.
  • New keybinding modifers system, CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT can now be used as modifers (Example: CTRL+F)
  • New mod update gem on main menu similiar to realms notification gem.
  • Removed @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) from BossInfo/BossInfoServer methods
  • Updated OreDictionary for a lot of new vanilla items/blocks.
  • New event to allow mods to control potion effect rendering.
  • New boss bar rendering event.
  • Add a java version detection and nag system for users on Java 7 or below with a nag screen.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed NoSuchElementException in ModelBlockAnimation caused by empty event list.
  • Fixed small bug in item extraction code.
  • Fixed incorrect patch to GenLayer, causing large vanilla biomes to not work properly.
  • Fixed droppers not dropping.
  • Fixed ASM SignatureReader choking on lambda signatures generated by JDT
  • Fixed WorldRenderer.normal() broken when used for arbitrary normals.
  • Fixed item default transformations.
  • Fixed universal jar in the installer not being signed properly.
  • Fixed multiple registrations of reloading hooks in custom model loaders.
  • Fixed custom model loader reload hook not firing during registration.
  • Fixed NPE when using an item to open a slotless inventory.
  • Fixed Block.onNeighborChange not being called for all axises.
  • Fixed invalid item being passed to gatherCapabilities when itemstacks changed item.
  • Fixed implementation of RenderEntityItem.shouldSpreadItems.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where network clients would see incorrect break progress on blocks.
  • Fixed Block/Item.setRegistryName printing a incorrect warning when used.
  • Fixed Entity.shouldRiderSit modifying game logic and not just rendering.
  • Fixed invalid parameters being sent to LivingSpawnEvent.CheckSpawn.
  • Protected BlockSnapshot and Chunk.getTileEntity from mutible BlockPos instances.
  • Fixed chat formatting not surviving line wraps in chat messages.
  • Fixed loading of world ID maps for worlds without dummy data.
  • Fixed bug with getLightOpacity based on TileEntities.
  • Fixed Potion.shouldRenderInvText
  • Fixed ItemStack capabiliteis being lost when picked up.
  • Fixed race condition when using indexed codec in a LAN server.
  • Fixed WorldEvent.PotentialSpawns Event passing the list instance of the ChunkProvider to users.
  • Fixed WordServer.canCreatureTypeSpawnHere not using Forge Events.
  • Fixed dummy blocks not being removed from registry on dedicated server correctly.
  • Fixed CombinedInvWrapper accessing incorrect slots
  • Fixed invalid index calculation in BakedQuadRetextured.
  • Fixed some invalid side culling related to stairs/slabs.
  • Fixed outline shader rendering.
  • Fixed entity pathfidning not applying the correct penalty.
  • Fixed hook for customizing the player's display name.
  • Fixed edge case where minecarts could infinitly accelerate.
  • Fixed KeyInputEvent not firing for all events.
  • Fixed a condition that caused the enchantment table to roll invalid enchantments.
  • Fixed players smaller then 1 block not fitting into tight spaces.
  • Fixed Chests not opening correctly with semi-solid blocks on top.
  • Fixed edge case where items would drop twice.
  • Fixed finite fluids being drained incorrectly.
  • Fixed Block.getPickBlock returning an ItemStack with a null Item
  • Fixed issue caused by setting spawnRadius to 0
  • Fixed using PlaySoundEvent to replace a sound with a PositionedSound causing an NPE.
  • Fixed mod languages not being loaded on the server.
  • Fixed sluggish scrolling in mod list gui.
  • Fixed issue where some TEs would not be loaded correctly before rendering.
  • Fixed custom fluid sufraces not rendering from the bottom.
  • Fixed cooldown overlay sometimes rendering opaque.


Major New Feature:

Keybinding Modifiers

Modified the configuration options to allow usage of the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT modifiers in keybinds. Allows for more combinations with controls.

This has been neede with the ever growing mod community that adds more and more hot keys.



Java Version Nag:

Alright guys, nobody likes nags, but this is needed. People NEED to start updating to Java 8.

There are MAJOR secuirty issues with Java 7 and 6.

Not to mention the major performance increases, as well as awesome new tools modders are using more and more often.

The new system will show a nag screen once every 24 hours.

This CAN be disabled using the forge.cfg file. However it's recomended that the user just update their java.

It will also put a nag in the main menu.

If any mods are detected to require Java 8, the game will display a graceful screen before exiting.





I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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