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I just wanted to say, that many blackscreens wouldn't happen, if the releases of forge wouldn't contain the META-INF folder.

Tell me one modder, who would place such a trap inside his releases.

Please, I commonly use the MC-Patcher for placing some mods and therefore the META-INF is deleted. Now if I manually place Forge in my jar, I can see the folder in your release, but that's not common, because you wouldn't expect something in a mod, that has to be deleted.

I have been used to beware of copying txt-files, but the META-INF? OMG, please stop including this folder.


That's it. It's just my stupidity hoping to find a nice person to follow it. :-D

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The fuck are you talking about?

Forge inclusing the Meta-inf folder actually REDUCES the issues users have by replacing the files that include the class checksums. In case the end user forgets to delete it.


The Meta-inf folder that is included in forge actually makes it no longer nessasary for forge to go into the server jar, just place minecraft_server.jar in the same folder and run the universal download like a jar and you're done.


So in summation, shush you're talking out your ass about things you don't understand.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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May I share an experience I just made?

A sticky thread says: "Dont use ModLoader.", "Don't use MC-Patcher." and so on,

but there is another way, to make harmony between all those things:


The Problems, you may have with MCPatcher is from incorrect usage, but I will explain it:

Everytime you select a mod with MCPatcher to add it goes to the top of the list in the MCPatcher.

So if you select Modloader, Forge, PlayerAPI in this order and then click Patch, it will first use PlayerAPI, then Forge, then ModLoader and then the other MCPatches.

That's of course the wrong order, so before clicking Patch, you must sort the mods.

The right order is (from top to bottom):


ModLoaderMP (not tested, but I think, this place),


PlayerAPI (if you use this, make sure it is newer than Forge to make sure it supports your Forge-version),

Other mods (forum admins, please feel free to add more sort-dependencies),



Another important thing is:

I you add more mods later make sure to move them below PlayerAPI to keep the sort order.

Also important is to keep all the checkmarks for all existing mods to install them again. I'm not sure if they are kept if you don't but it will inform you about upcoming conflicts.


I don't use Optifine, so I don't know where to put, if possible.



I don't say that this is the best method or even applicable, I just discovered the fact, that the sort order may be the cause of so many problems that some may see the MCPatcher as the problem, but I think, it's all about the sort order of the list. Please comment.


About the META-INF folder. I'm sorry, I should have expected this. I didn't use Forge in my bukkit server, should I?

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Again, I'm sorry.

I didn't knew about possibilities to use the forge universal zip for servers. I use CJB-Mods, so It may be useful for the server, but I don't know.

I'm using bukkit, so I was soo used to jar-plugins. I didn't even thought about the possibility to use the same zip for client and server. I would expect a seperate zip for vanila servers unless otherwise stated to work fine. But I didn't read, because I don't have a vanilla server.

I was just talking about clientside. Sorry for the confusion.

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We say dont use MCPatcher because it injects its code into random/wrong places even if you tell it not to. So its just easier to say don't use it then to deal with all the hassle supporting it would be.


Same goes for ModLoader, if you install shit wrong you fuck things up, its not needed and should not be used with forge as all modloader functionality is supported in FML.

So you should never need to install modloader, at all, ever.


As for ModLoaderMP, it is antiquated crap only used by people who don't know anything about coding. It had one job, and it continuously failed to do it properly so it was replaced by FML.


And lastly, Bukkit, the Craftbukkit team had made it clear they do not wish to play nicely with Forge so unless things change Forge will not officially be compatible with bukkit.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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ML is kept around for older mods (FC, I'm looking at ya) that don't want, for whatever reason or another, to use forge. It uses some 'hacks' to go around the integrated server. So no ML mod is SMP. They only work in SP/LAN.

MLMP was/is still on 1.3.2 last I checked. So no one should be using it.

MCPatcher plants shit all over the place. It doesn't replace the classes like a good mod installer, it uses voodoo magic to insert its patches, hence the name. Also, the Utils are also installed even if you select NOTHING, and it does tend to screw shit up, especially with FML HD texture support.

CraftBukkit: Read this and you'll understand: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/forge.109356/



Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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