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Rendering ItemStack in TESR


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So I've got a


that contains an


. The TESR for the TE should render the item spinning and bobbing up and down in the block. I've run into a problem because my block isn't a normal 1m^3 block, but much smaller.


I've tried two approaches to rendering the item, neither of which has been completely successful.


My first approach was getting the


for the stack using


and then also use


to render that model. This worked and stayed in the proper position while rotating/bobbing. However, the item was rendered completely dark and I wasn't able to find a fix (screenshot).


My second approach was to use


to get the


for the stack and use


to render the model. This resulted in the item rendering properly lit, but the item was moving with the player (not in a 1:1 fashion, but something else).

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