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File Download issue


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I recently did a server/mudpack update and needed to update forge. During my DL attempts I encountered 3 adds that took full screen control and prevented me from actually clicking the link and one ad that had audio playback at a volume normally reserved for Theater sound commercials.


I'm used to that, I can deal with it. I get it, you guy need some kind of kick back and I can't afford to do anything through Patreon or anything like that. I even restrain from using things like adblock and NoScripts to bypass it.


HOWEVER.... you might wanna remove the porn tag from forge. Apparently AdFocus thinks that Minecraft Forge is some how on the same level of "The Naruto of Sex" Game. I did get an odd look from the wife when this ad popped up with audio, appropriate for the ad mind you,  also at a volume normally reserved for Theater sound commercials. I'm fairly sure they hear the fake moans a few blocks away :P


Anything thanks guys for what you do.

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The Naruto ad in question is extremely graphic.  After clicking download links about ten times, I got the ad to reappear.  I do have a screen shot but it's so bad I don't think you really want it posted here. Is there some way I can email it to you.  Give that lots of your users are elementary school age, I would think you would want to put a stop to this ASAP!

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Just post a link with a NSFW warning, I can remove it if its an issue.

Beyond that, as stated we try and make the ads non-pornographic but ads are ads they sometimes change shit after they have been approved. It's a matter of cat/mouse.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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