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[1.10.2](and many other versions) Make FallingSand Not Spawn Ghost Blocks.


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If you execute Fallingsand in a motion of 0.1 upwards. And have it going along a complete flat plane. It will cause ghost blocks if you conjuction it with summoning another line in a different direction

(or in some cases a different line, same direction, right next to eachother)


I have an entity that flies straight with a fuse that i execute falling sand at.

So, my goal was to make it go in a spiral around a center block, which would eventually spiral out into a platform on which building would fly down from the sky and land on.


But, when the spiralling of fallingsand occurs the corners of where the falling sand should go is instead replaced with a ghost block. (one of those ones you cant go through and makes your screen jitter)

Also, if erased and the spiralling repeated the ghost blocks may not occur in the same place as they did before.


If fallingsand did not spawn ghost blocks randomly in the fashion I am using them it would be really cool. So, that's my suggestion. FallingSand no longer spawning ghost blocks.

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Upload that world, as I have no idea what you're actually doing.

And if those are indeed 'phantom' blocks, then it may be a sync issue between client and server, we'll see.

But I'd need a test environment.


Also, does this happen with JUST Forge, and with PURE Vanilla?

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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