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Shearing leaves gives saplings/fruit along with leaf blocks (1.10.2/F2088,2092)

Mental Mouse

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Using shears on leaves drops the leaf blocks as expected, but also drops saplings and fruit (vanilla apples, but in Biomes-O-Plenty you also get other fruit from their trees).  I have verified this on an install containing only Forge 2088.  This does not seem to happen when using a Silk Touch axe.


Searching the forums I only found a much older (1.6.2) similar bug here.


ETA:  The leaf blocks can also be placed and re-sheared, with the same results.

ETA2: Now tested on Forge 2092

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Its a 'bug' one we dont particularly care about fixing as last I looked at it it would require a bit of a hack to fix.

It has little to no effect on the actual user so it doesn't matter.

If someone wants to PR a clean fix then sure, but again not really worth looking into.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Well, it is a potential mod-balance issue, given that some mods have saplings that are purposely scarce and non-sustainable.  While I'm still not a coder, I do hope that someone comes up with a PR for it.


I'm just wondering how Forge managed to break this behaviour in the first place.

Is it that deviously coded in vanilla that the most straightforward way for Forge to add a hook for some tree-leaf related mod-feature, caused leafs to drop their "chanced drop" even when harvested with shears?


I do see how leaves are unique in some way, but I don't see why there wouldn't simply be a referral to the silk-touch code if shears are used. And if that's what is done, I don't see why that wouldn't work.


@LexManos, if you could point me to the code, I'd gladly take a look at it.

I walk amongst titans.

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