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Forge 13.19.1 Minecraft 1.11


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Forge Version: 1.11-

Minecraft Version: 1.11



Here it is, our first Recomended Build for 1.11. There is still a lot to get done but most of the breaking changes are done.

We need modders and user feedback to find and fix all the holes/bugs.

A note to modders, and users about world migrations.

There WILL be world migration issues. With Vanilla changing how registries and assets work, forcing lowercase names, modders will need to adapt. Forge has hooks in place that modders can use to properly convert their old data to the new names such as the missing mappings event. However I expect that modder will need/want more help so I eagerly await people's input. And it is HIGHLY recomended that you BACKUP YOUR WORLDS.


Minecraft Forge 13.19.1 Changelog:



  • Rewrite of quite a bit of the Fuild capabilities for ItemStack immutability
  • Added EnumHand parameter to Block.getStateForPlacement
  • Provided access to ShapedOreRecipe width and height
  • Performance improvements to IVertexConsumers
  • New hooks to allow better management of modded GUIs
  • New hooks for entity trampeling
  • New slot limit function in IItemHandlers
  • New hooks to allow modders to creat and manage their own DataFixers for help in migration
  • New Forge Loading Icon/Logo Yay new branding assets!
  • New EquipmentChangeEvent hooks
  • New hooks in armor materials
  • New hooks for 'connectable' blocks such as fences, and glass panes
  • Expanded the Biome Dictionary


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed AbstractMethodException in FML Registries
  • Fixed issue with modders sending custom packets to vanilla clients
  • Fixed custom packet payload size
  • Fixed ItemCraftedEvent returning AIR incorrectly
  • Fixed Hopper and Dropper item movement mechanics
  • Fixed problem with server not closing compleetly when client exits unexpectidly
  • Fixed world leak related to Redstone
  • Fixed sky color blending not working for render distances >16
  • Fixed issues with some modders custom Texture Sprites
  • Fixed issue reading chunk data when the server and client disagree on block count


Just wanted to reiterate this again, BACKUP your worlds!

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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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