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Renaming files okay?


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Guessing I can't just ask you to humor me.


It's for my automation thing. I know it's been a hella long time since I mentioned it. Got put on the back burner due to updates coming slowly at the time of testing it.

I got everything working except for automating LiteLoader. I'm asking here because I was wondering if something simple like renaming some Forge files would allow LiteLoader to be just once a Minecraft version with the Forge being a set name while being overwritten with the latest stuffs for that MC version.

I promise to withhold the scripts if you request me to, but I'll understand if you choose not to help.

If anything, at least posting this would help me remember to get to it.

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Soo... I decided to go the alternative route of having a preexisting LiteLoader version .json with minor edits for easy replacement to target the latest Forge installed earlier in the chain, and I stumbled upon custom version names as a pleasant side effect. Still on topic, so posting here in case anyone is interested.

Okay, Custom version names takes a hella lotta work by hand, but I think it looks nice (probably just me) and, for automation, it actually serves a very important purpose of a static file path (still a hella lotta first time prep though.)


.minecraft\versions\CUSTOM NAME\CUSTOM NAME.json

"id": "CUSTOM NAME",


Note to Self: Need to check if "inheritsFrom" targets within the versions folder. That was actually what I meant to ask.

Didn't know what's what at the time.

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I already known about LiteLoader extending Forge from the installer window. That's what I did to get the preexisting LiteLoader .json.

What I needed was a simple way to tell LiteLoader to target a new Forge from Powershell. Right now, I have it set to place the variables I used for the Forge into the "inheritsFrom" of the template LiteLoader .json like it would be normally, and overwrite the one in the versions folder.

I know the version selector in the launcher works with a custom "id," so I need to check if "inheritsFrom" also works with a custom "id."

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Just install forge and put liteloader in the mods folder.


Ohh... Seems I needed to extract the jar from the installer jar, or get the non-installer jar from Jenkins to make it work.

Couldn't just drop the installer jar into the mods folder.


In my defense, dropping a jar from within a jar into the mods folder is kinda an odd thing to try, and I had no idea what "Jenkins" is.

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Finally got around to trying my original plan of renaming the jar, and it seems to have worked.

In hindsight, it is kinda pointless trying to save drive space via forcing the newer versions to overwrite the old. The space saved is negligible, and not much reason to poke around that folder.




.....Under libraries, replace "net.minecraftforge:forge:#.#.#-##.##.#.####" with "net.minecraftforge:forge:CUSTOM"


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