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[1.5.1] [Blocks] Optipanes - Now for 1.5.1!


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  • Adds 16 different panes to the game.
  • The panes connect diagonally to other blocks.
  • The panes also connect to fences.
  • Panes of different types don't mix.
  • Available panes: Glass, Cobblestone; Oak, Spruce, Birch and Jungle wood planks; Bricks; Mossy Cobblestone; Obsidian; Snow; Clay; Normal, Mossy and Cracked Stone Bricks; Iron Bars; Nether Brick



Glass Optipane


(9 glass = 16 optipanes)

Other Optipanes


(1 block surrounded by 8 glass optipanes gives 8 optipanes of that type)






Config Options

block: "optipane" (default: 3000): the block ID for the Optipane block.



This mod requires Forge to be installed. If the mod is installed on the server, clients connecting to the server must also have this mod installed.



Latest Version: 1.1-Release (1.5.1)


Older Versions:

1.0-Release (1.4.7)



  • 1.1-Release
    • Updated to MC 1.5.1



    • Initial Release



Possible future features

  • A way to write on optipanes

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is this working on MC 1.5.2? i downloaded it and whenever i placed down one of these panes, my game crashed, saying something along the lines of a render bug. I can get you the log if youd like, but did you already know that?


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