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Good ways to distribute structures around the map


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I'm adding some structures to the map(namely, stone circles) and in my ideal design, the world should spawn one for each 49 chunks(i.e., 7 chunks in axis X, 7 chunks in axis Z) to keep them nicely apart. The first idea I had was to change the generate() function on my World Generator so as to only run in mod 7 values for chunkX and chunkZ and spawn one of those anywhere in the whole 7-chunk area. But I'm pretty sure I'll run into a problem when the player is walking around the map and the algorithm spawns a stone circle in a chunk that has already been visited.


Right now(no, really, I just thought this while typing this) I realized I can set the random seed to a common number in the whole 7x7 area and so all the chunks in that area will generate the structure in the same place(or rather, only one will, the others will check if it has already been generated and not redo everything), but I'm afraid this might mess with the RNG(I'm not even sure anyone would notice but... better not risk it).


So, the question(finally) is, do you think this will work fine, or there's probably a better way to do this?

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