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[UNSOLVED] [1.10.2] How do I user other mod's API?


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What I'd like to do is to be able to use OpenComputers' API in eclipse. I also want to have OpenComputers when I launch Minecraft from Eclipse. How can I do that? Because I searched everywhere but in the end, my game always crashed or froze :(

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You can put the API code inside src/api/java, this will make sure the API doesn't get compiled and put into your own mod file. To install the mod on the dev workspace, simply put it in the mods folder and that should work.


If it still crashes, post the log (logs/fml-client-latest.log).

Don't PM me with questions. They will be ignored! Make a thread on the appropriate board for support.


1.12 -> 1.13 primer by williewillus.


1.7.10 and older versions of Minecraft are no longer supported due to it's age! Update to the latest version for support.



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I extracted the source files of OpenComputers into /src/api/java/, and put its normal mod file into /eclipse/mods/. I runned the client, but crashed.



Edit: When I use Gradle (gradlew runClient), the game starts corectly, with another mod that I added, but OC isn't loaded.

Edit 2: Ok, I moved the mod from /eclipse/mods/ to /run/mods/ and it launched fine, but, when I create a new world, the game freeze. Here's the crash-report: crash-2017-04-11_16.13.33-server.txt

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java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method net.minecraft.world.chunk.Chunk.populateChunk(Lnet/minecraft/world/chunk/IChunkGenerator;)V from class ValkyrienWarfareBase.CoreMod.CallRunner

I think you don't have the correct version of ValkyrienWarfareBase.

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Also if you don't know Java, I would suggest you read the official tutorials by Oracle to get an idea of how to do this. Thanks, and good modding!


Also if you haven't, set up a Git repo for your mod not only for convinience but also to make it easier to help you.

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