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A ForgeHook event for Fished-Up Items?


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There doesn't seem to be any event for the fishing activity, in particular a hook to allow tweaking to what's fished up (after looting table). The solution that many mod authors have used -- is to create their own custom fishing-rod and/or fish-traps or some such thing. Bleech (I have 6 different mod-specific fishing rods and trap thingies)


  • Example-use: I just want a hook to implement: if there is FireAspect on a standard fishing rod, smelt all smeltable fish that gets caught.
  • Example-use: I just want a hook to implement: if there is XXXEnchantment on fishing rod, don't catch anything by ItemFish (and/or other 'fish').
  • Example-use: I just want a hook to implement if player has crappy luck (say -2 or worse) they only fish up junk junk always.
  • Example-use: I want to replace vanilla fish with some custom mod fish (eg replace vanilla cod/salmon with Aquaculture's versions or some such thing)
  • Example-use: I want enforce fishing requires at least a 5x5x3 water area.
  • Example-use: I want to do different things if its a player or an automated mechanism (like trap). For instance, no Xp if it's a contraption.



LootFunctions don't apply to pools as a whole, and don't have access to player and/or biome or other selected loot items so it's hard to implement 'overarching' type behavior (like above examples). Mod loot tables are also not hooked into the current loot table load notification so any loot function would not affect such fished up items.


The location for said hook maybe: EntityFishHook::handleHookRetraction(...) ?

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1, 2, 3) There are functions that can be applied on loot tables. We just need to expose the information and its a matter of sitting down and writing up exactly what people want and implementing it.

4) We allow people to modify loot tables so you can already do this

5) The new fishing event added the other day can be used to enforce thice

6) This.. actually may not be able to be done as as from our point of view players and machines are the same. I guess we could just add more info to the event.


We want to enhance the loot table functionality not replace it all with the old system we used before they were introduced. Not having biome, player info, enchantment info is all just info we need to push in. I'm not sure what you mean by mod loot tables not hooked into whatever, they should all be hooked into exactly whats needed to load them all... Or, they should be available to be hooked in if you write your code correctly.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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