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[1.12] Possible bug


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I am getting a really weird error every time I create a new world or load an existing one that says a backup level.dat is being used (hence the really weird... shouldn't even be a backup on creation of a new world). I decided to load with just Forge and no mods to see if it persisted; it did. I do use Curse to launch my game, but since it uses the native minecraft launcher that shouldn't be an issue. I have no clue what is causing this. The file in question isn't read-only or anything. I can still load created world or reload saved ones despite the error, but I worry that it will cause other problems and wanted to make sure the devs were aware of this in case it is something wrong with Forge. Here is a gist with my latest.log after starting to create a new world but saying no so it wouldn't load the world when it threw the error: https://gist.github.com/Dragnier/538665bec9f5d1e49a666f7521d2eea7

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Yes, I did load it without the texture pack and got the same result. Also, 1.12 being new is why I'm trying it out. I'd rather find bugs and report them than not. Updated the gist to a log that doesn't include the texture pack.

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Edit to the originally linked gist.
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2 minutes ago, Ugdhar said:

You should post the log from your run without the texture pack

I thought the same thing as soon as I read your comment and made my response, lol. I edited the gist to be the latest.log from just MC and Forge. Still the same link.

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