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Suggestion for Projekt-Tables ( Red Power ) ...


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Hi there !


I hope i am right here to make a little suggestion to the Red Power mod about the Projekt-Tables.

I really really like them.


So my idea is:


Add a new Block, called " Recipe-Bookshelf " or " Plan-Bookshelf " or something like that :)

The "Recipe-Bookshelf" can allow the player to store and sort the Plans he made with the Projekt-Table by a specific amount "x" .


The amount of Plans that can be stored inside the " Recipe-Bookshelf" is defined by the amount of " Recipe-Bookshelfs" the Players places around the Projekt-Table but is limited to "y" .


In addition1:

If the Player wants to craft something, he/she goes to the Projekt-Table and a GUI appears that shows which Plans he/she has stored inside the "Recipe-Bookshelfs" so he/she takes the Plan out he/she wanted to create and places it per drag and drop in the original GUI from the Project table. If he/she is done crafting he/she can either put the Recipe away by drag and dropping it back to the "Recipe-Bookshelf" GUI, or he/she can just walk away and the recipe stays inside.



If that is not realizable to let the "Recipe-Bookshelf" directly interact with the Projekt-Table than just ...

In addition2:

If the Player wants to craft something, He/She goes to the " Recipe-Bookshelf " right clicks it to interact with it. A GUI appears that shows him/her all the Plans he/she has

stored inside the "Recipe-Bookshelfs". He/She takes the Plans he/she wants in the Inventory and goes to the Projekt-Table and begins crafting normally.




I really think that this is a cool idea, not because its my idea, but because i think it can improve the Projekt-Tables a lot and it will surely look nice :)


So thanks for reading this hard text. Forgive me all my grammatical errors i have done so far.

And if i am in the wrong place to make a suggestion to a special mod aka Red Power ... than please tell me where i can make the suggestion so that the "right" person is reading this :)


Thanks for your time , Aracan


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