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Forge 14.23.1 Minecraft 1.12.2


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Forge Version: 1.12.2-

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2



Hello again everybody! Time for another recommended build for Forge! 1.12.2 has been stable for quite a while now. Mojang is now pushing out snapshots for 1.13 which is going to be a big change. However, nobody truly knows whats going to happen in it. So don't get freaked out. We'll see what happens when it happens. I figured it would be a good time to wrap all the cool bug fixes and changes we've added to Forge so we can start working on even more!


Minecraft Forge 14.23.1 Changelog:



  • Added new /forge gen command to allow admins to generate large amounts of chunks.
  • Added new /forge entity list command to list all entities in the current world.
  • Added config option to fix various Vanilla world cascading issues. This changes some vanilla block placement so it's opt-in. But it fixes some vanilla world gen performance issues.
  • Added EntityEntryBuilder, Modders should use this for building their entity registrations.
  • Added hook to allow custom MapDecorations.
  • Decreased memory size of Sprite based Item models.
  • Added Capability support to Chunks.
  • Added hook for ownership of sub-items.
  • Added support for client or server only dependancies.
  • Added hook for better block slipperiness control.
  • Added hook to control dimension lighting.
  • Changed Universal Bucket design, will now use vanilla texture if applicable with lower memory footprint.
  • Changed Block Reach Distance to a player attribute instead of a shared constant.
  • Added hook to allow custom entity selectors in commands.
  • Changed ThrowableImpactEvent into a more generic format.
  • Added method to allow custom recipes to be auto filled from the GuideBook.
  • Added InputUpdateEvent to react to polling keyboard/mouse.
  • Added a new cloud renderer that utilized your graphics card better. Increasing performance.
  • Changed how recipes using wildcards are processed. Modders should considering explicitly defining all subtypes.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed search tabs using wrong contents.
  • Fixed ShapedOre recipes not laying out correctly with the guidebook.
  • Fixed error handling related to OBJ model materials.
  • Fixed chunk gen mobs not firing the CheckSpawn event.
  • Fixed lighting not being correct in certain cases related to potions and time of day.
  • Fixed splitting of large S->C custom payload packets.
  • Fixed netty spam related to large packets.
  • Fixed IngredientNBT comparing stackSize
  • Fixed potential BlockPos leak.
  • Fixed vanilla bug causing blank renamed books being useless.
  • Fixed Shaped recipes that are larger then 3x3.
  • Fixed dormant chunk cache loosing entity data.
  • Fixed block and torch placement logic.
  • Fixed being unable to see with night vision in certain conditions.
  • Fixed Item Models with formats other then ITEM.
  • Fixed items not blocking interaction when in off hand.
  • Fixed performance issue related to S->C chunk data packets.
  • Fixed performance issue in model building.
  • Fixed some interactions with entities and modded Items.
  • Fixed performance regression in FastTESR rendering
  • Fixed bug in animation system with rotations.
  • Fixed stacked item entities rendering incorrectly.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where spider and chicken jockeys would not spawn.
  • Fixed some performance issues in chunk rendering.
  • Fixed some missing material changes.
  • Fixed performance with default implementation of inputting items into an inventory.
  • Fixed default fluid blocks not using fog color of their fluid.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where combat tracker lost data when killing entity.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where chunks would not properly know their max height until updated. Causing spawning/block tick issues.
  • Fixed crash when modders remove all flowers from certain biomes.
  • Fixed fake players accumulating advancements.
  • Fixed performance issue related to collision checking.
  • Fixed config properties loosing comments when being renamed.
  • Fixed LivingDamageEvent not firing for some entities.
  • Fixed broken vanilla Shapeless Recipe matching function causing some recipes to not work depending on the order of items in the crafting grid.
  • Fixed fluid models not supporting tinted layers correctly.
  • Fixed NPE when player tries to sleep without a bed.
  • Fixed incorrect vanilla horizon lighting.
  • Fixed incorrect lighting of item models.
  • Fixed ItemModel transparency generation.
  • Fixed graphics issue on some Mac systems with the Splash Screen.
  • Fixed memory leak in networking.
  • Fixed race condition causing an error when quickely closing a single player world and opening another.
  • Fixed non-player entities being placed incorrectly when being teleported between dimensions.
  • Fixed Universal Bucket not firing BucketUse event.
  • Fixed CompoundIngredients not working properly in shapeless recipes.
  • Fixed version icon response packet leaking memory.
  • Fixed BufferBuilder not growing if used in specific ways.
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