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[Edited] Only download mods for their original source.


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So. You may be thinking. Get off you troll. But no. This is what happened

I downloaded a minecraft mod, and I had WinRAR installed, so it automatically extracted the file, and I was like WTF. Then my browser kept getting redirects. And almost every tutorial said I needed WinRAR installed. 

So. Long story short. I got a virus from a mod. yeah. 


Shred any outdated mods

Shred any extracted mods

Delete any ZIP mod files, as they don't work




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Edited the topic, the site you linked IS known as one of the sites that shove viruses on mod downloads. So you may of gotten it from there.

But yes, as diesiben said, you should only download mods from their original sources. Typically here, or Curse Forge. Sometimes the authors direct website.

There are many many sites out there that pray on the fact that Mod authors are typically doing this in their free time, and don't make enough off the mods to hire lawyers to shut down these bad sites.


So ya... only get your mods from valid sites.


As for the winrar issue, or any issue with extracted mods. Mods have not needed to be, nore supported being extracted since like 1.6.4. So no you should NEVER have to use any program to install a mod, or extract it. Just download the zip or jar {zip is deprected but some modders are slow and still use it, but most mods should be .jar} and put it in your mods folder.


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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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