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How to format parts of the text in a TextComponentString?

Alsan Ali

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For example, I have a TextComponentString like this:


new TextComponentString("Hi, there!")


I want the 'Hi' to be blue and 'there' to be green. Also, how do we make parts of the text clickable? Like, if the player clicks 'hi' it will execute code

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25 minutes ago, Alsan Ali said:

For example, I have a TextComponentString like this:


new TextComponentString("Hi, there!")


I want the 'Hi' to be blue and 'there' to be green. Also, how do we make parts of the text clickable? Like, if the player clicks 'hi' it will execute code


use Color Codes.

http://minecraft.tools/en/color-code.php (use the MOTD one)


Example of something I use in my mod (the first line is in orange/gold + Italics. the next line is normal white)


    public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, List<String> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) {
        tooltip.add("\u00A76\u00A7o"+"The ore must first be crushed, chemically processed and then refined using Electrolysis.");
        tooltip.add("By-Products of this ore include Gallium, Iron Oxides, Silica (Silicon Oxide) and Titania (Titanium Oxide).");


For the commands, look at how vanilla does it in the books. you wouldn't be limited by vanilla commands though, you could directly call your own java code

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9 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:



Create a "base" TextComponentString with an empty string in it. Then you can use ITextComponent::appendSibling on it with differently formatted components to form one big component.

Thanks, I thought about doing this, just didn't know how to nest TextComponentStrings together. And can you tell me the reason why color codes can't be used? I just want to know

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