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Cubicoder's 1.12 Tutorials

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These tutorials are meant to help others learn how to mod Minecraft using Forge, as well as learn the concepts behind the code. If you don’t know any Java, please go learn some and come back! There are lots of great Java tutorials online, and trying to mod Minecraft without a good understanding of Java is very confusing.


Any *constructive* feedback is welcome, as I'm trying to make these tutorials as accurate as possible to the "correct" way of doing things!


EDIT: Please note that the website has moved! I have decided to move to GitHub Pages as my host. All of the previous tutorials have been moved over.

The purpose of this change is to make it easier for people other than myself to contribute to these tutorials, as all it takes is a simple pull request to contribute a tutorial. I am open to contributions at this time; however please make sure you know what you’re talking about and explain the concepts thoroughly. Also, please keep tutorials to Minecraft versions 1.12.2 and above. More contributing guidelines should be available on the GitHub repo soon.

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Changed website host

Check out my tutorials at https://cubicoder.github.io/.

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Thanks for the feedback! Everything should be updated now to be a little more correct. This is why I wanted to make tutorials in the first place, because nobody ever tells new modders the correct way of doing things. They just have to figure it out for themselves, and usually they figure it out wrong. Hopefully, people will start learning things right now that I've gotten some help.

Check out my tutorials at https://cubicoder.github.io/.

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Fixed (hopefully).


You know, maybe you should make your own tutorials. It seems like you're the only one around here that knows what you're doing. Looking at the source of mods like Tinker's Construct and Iron Chests, even those mods are doing things like using common proxies. I feel like there needs to be somewhere where people can look to find how to do this the right way, and the official Forge documentation just doesn't tell you that much.

Check out my tutorials at https://cubicoder.github.io/.

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Hello. If you want to make a list for 1.13 tutorials, I make a list.

- Development Environment

- Main Mod Class

- Proxies

- Custom Items

- Custom Blocks

- Language File

- Custom Creative Tab

- Custom Tools

- Custom Armors

- Crafting and Smelting Recipes

- Foods

- Crops

- Ore Gen

- Ore Dictionary

- Mobs(Standart Models)

- Mobs(Custom Models)

- Custom Workbench

- Custom Furnace

- Custom Chest

- Special Tools(for example, a sword that drops mob heads, an axe that drops trees completely, etc.)

- Special Armors(for example, a helmet that gives Night Vision, boots that gives Speed, etc.)

- Customizable Tools(like Tinkers' Construct)

My Mods:

More Strenghtened Tools Mod:


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Yeah, there will be more eventually. I'd rather wait until 1.13 to make any new ones because of all the changes, but I might do a few more 1.12.2 tutorials because 1.13 is taking longer than I thought it would. Either way though, I'm really busy with school right now so I don't know when I'll have time to make more tutorials.

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Check out my tutorials at https://cubicoder.github.io/.

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So your modding tutorial might be the only one that makes sense without over complicating things, explains everything well and uses the new registry system for 1.12. In short, thanks. It's been a big help in understanding the basics.


p.s. a bunch of the changes suggested by @diesieben07 also really helped.

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