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Peripheral Stuttering version 2761+


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When I play minecraft with any release versions 2761+ I get game play that appears to be at ~30FPS in the peripheral of the screen. This is very apparent on trees and other foliage.
You can see what I mean by looking at the trees while I walk forward in this short gif

Gif of Peripheral Stuttering


I have tried;

  • Computer Restart
  • Turning Mods off (issue persists regardless)
  • New Drivers
  • Vanilla Minecraft (no issues there)
  • Forge Version 2760 and below (no issues there)
  • Minecraft repair function


Here are my "latest" logs, however I was turning the game off and on as I tested different versions of Forge

Pastebin link to my "latest" logs which we're done at Version 2761


Please note my game has all my mods unloaded in the world save I am using. The problem persists even if I make a world without them.


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