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Forge 14.23.5 Minecraft 1.12.2


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Forge Version: 1.12.2-

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2



Alright boys and girls it's that time again. Even tho the Forge team is working hard on 1.13 development, which is going well, we have almost all the final tools finished and the installer working, we have not left 1.12 stagnate. There have been many bug fixes, features, and exploit fixes in this new version. 


Minecraft Forge 14.23.5 Changelog:



  • Cleaner error handling for mod exceptions thrown during loading.
  • Stricter validation of recipes to prevent exceptions and issues on clients.
  • Reworked server console and input handling.
  • Cleaner dimension management code.
  • Performance improvements.
  • New Farmland Trample Event.
  • New Fluid Place Block Event for when fluid changes blocks in world.
  • Added support for FluidStack-dependant colouring to Forge bucket
  • Allow configurations of log levels using system properties: forge.logging.console.level, forge.logging.file.level, forge.logging.debugFile.level
  • Better rendering of models that use the Forge fluid model.
  • Extended IItemHandler to better control what items can enter the inventory.
  • Added custom background image support for creative tabs.
  • Added swim speed attribute to living entities.
  • New resource type sentitive resource reloading. This is disabled by default as it can break some mods that assume old behavior, however it can be enabled in the Forge config.
  • Improved performance of FluidRegistry.getBucketFluids.
  • New SleepingTimeCheckEvent to add yet another way to control sleeping.
  • Removed BlamingTransformer, we run naively on Java 8 now so we do not need to track java version.
  • Optimized some class transformers to improve loading times.
  • Allowed the universal bucket item to update to new fluids when mods get swapped in and out.
  • New event to handle game rule changes.
  • Increased world gen entity spawning performance.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed names in JSON annotation data not matching expected format.
  • Fixed crash from search tree processing invalid recipes.
  • Fixed black flickering on animated models by clamping max diffuse lighting multiplier to 1.0.
  • Fixed scala mods crashing with the json annotation cache.
  • Fixed structure template processors causing cascading world generation.
  • Fixed vertex lighter using stale normal data.
  • Fixed AutomaticEventSubscriber error message.
  • Fixed memory issue related to missing/broken models.
  • Fixed flickering leaves when mods break the blurMipmap settings.
  • Fixed model loading issues when mods declare generic models AND specific models for the same item.
  • Fixed vanilla issue with breaking animation.
  • Fixed FML entity network spawning not using EntityBuilder's factory.
  • Fixed NPE when sleeping in some custom beds.
  • Fixed some ClassCastExceptions incorrectly being logged in FML handshake.
  • Fixed ISpecialArmor to allow for "Unblockable" damage to be handled if the armor opts in.
  • Fixed player movement status not syncing when traveling across worlds.
  • Fixed ItemHandlerHelper.giveItemToPlayer creating item entities with incorrect contents.
  • Fixed potential deadlock when chunkload raises non-IO exception
  • Fixed onItemUseFirst being called when entire actions were canceled.
  • Fixed color events not being fired for mesa and swamp biomes.
  • Fixed received data for last vertex format element not being recorded.
  • Fixed SlotItemHandler.isItemValid check.
  • Fixed Redstone and RedstoneDiodes placement on modded blocks that use BlockFaceShape.SOLID for Top.
  • Fixed loading languages with no underscore in the name.
  • Fixed ModList cache never being updated.
  • Fixed overworld spawn point reset when respawning in another dimension.
  • Fixed modded packets not being able to be sent during ServerConnectionFromClientEvent.
  • Fixed server watchdog thread occasionally crashing on first run.
  • Fixed saved toolbars not working with non-vanilla items.
  • Fixed class loader issue with some apache libraries used by mods.
  • Fixed --mods and --modListFile arguments not making it past LaunchWrapper.
  • Fixed vanilla chunk loading issue related to mounted entities.
  • Fixed vanilla entity tracking issues that caused potential duping exploits. Thanks Aikar.
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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