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[BUG] banners in inventory do not render on the dragon's body if not reopened after quitting world


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so i have a dragon gui inventroy where you can open the dragon and put the banner on it, it will render on the body, the problem is that it disappears after i quit the world and i need to reopen the inventory again, i use  ItemRenderer.renderItem



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You need to sync the inventory when the entity is spawned on the client

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2 hours ago, TheRPGAdventurer said:



Packets or the DataManager thing for entities.


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28 minutes ago, TheRPGAdventurer said:

elaborate please? :D

DataManager is the standard (vanilla) way for entities to sync server-side data to the client-side entity.  Modded entities can use it too, and it's not too difficult.  As an example of an entity that sync's an ItemStack, see the vanilla EntityItemFrame and its ITEM field. In summary:


  • Declare a static final DataParameter<T> field in your entity (T would be ItemStack in this case)
  • Override entityInit() to register that field with getDataManager().register(field, defaultValue)
  • To sync the data, use getDataManager.set(field, value).  It will automatically sync to the client on the next tick
  • On the client side, use getDataManager.get(field)
  • You can optionally also override notifyDataManagerChange(DataParameter<?>), which is called both client- and server-side (so check world.isRemote) when any data parameter is changed. This could be used to cache values, for example, or carry out some computation you wouldn't want to do every tick.
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should i write and read it on the nbt aswell?  or straight up make a setter or getter, i registered it in entityInit

private static final DataParameter<ItemStack> BANNER1 = EntityDataManager
      .<ItemStack>createKey(EntityTameableDragon.class, DataSerializers.ITEM_STACK);
private static final DataParameter<ItemStack> BANNER2 = EntityDataManager
      .<ItemStack>createKey(EntityTameableDragon.class, DataSerializers.ITEM_STACK);
private static final DataParameter<ItemStack> BANNER3 = EntityDataManager
      .<ItemStack>createKey(EntityTameableDragon.class, DataSerializers.ITEM_STACK);
private static final DataParameter<ItemStack> BANNER4 = EntityDataManager
      .<ItemStack>createKey(EntityTameableDragon.class, DataSerializers.ITEM_STACK);
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Reading/writing NBT is a separate concern from sync'ing data to the client.


If your banner items need to persist across world/server restarts, then yes - you need to serialize them to NBT.  But that has nothing to do with sync'ing the banner items so the client can see them.


As for getters/setters, it's valid to have such accessors simply forward to getDataManager.get() or .set().  That also has nothing to do with NBT serialization, though.

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